Can Drapes in Woodbridge Offer Financial Benefits?

When you look for window treatments, you don’t just look for those that will manage light levels. You want something that will offer heating, cooling, and other financial benefits. Would drapes in Woodbridge be the right option for you?

This isn’t a simple yes or no answer. There are various factors to consider when looking at the financial benefits of drapes.

Thermal vs. Normal Drapes in Woodbridge

There are two types of drapes that you can get. You could opt for normal, thinner material drapes or you can choose thermal ones. Just from the name you can probably sense the type that offers more financial benefits.

Thermal drapes are made with a material that blocks the heat from escaping. In the summer, it blocks the heat from getting into the home. You get a more consistent temperature in your home throughout the year, so you use your HVAC system less. With less use, you spend less on heating and air conditioning.

You don’t get as many of these benefits from other drapes in Woodbridge. Also, thermal drapes can be viewed as eco-friendly, so they come with a tax rebate.

Protecting Your Furniture

One of the ways you may not consider being financially draining at first is the UV damage that can occur on your walls and your furniture. The UV rays tend to cause bleached spots in various parts and can breakdown the material of your upholstery.

Drapes in Woodbridge do offer some financial benefits here. They act as a barrier, so you can prevent the UV damage to the other items in your home and allow the drapes to take on the light. Even when open, they can offer minimal benefits, but they do work best when completely closed.

Won’t your drapes become damaged? There are ways to protect against this. You could have other window treatments to double up (offering other heat and light benefits, too) or you could look at drapes with a lining. The lining offers the protection so the material doesn’t break down.

Cheaper Options to Replace

Eventually, you will need to replace your drapes in Woodbridge. This is the case with any type of window treatment and covering. Drapes can last for 5-10 years easily and sometimes even longer—this will depend on the care and maintenance you provide.

When it comes to replacing your window treatments, drapes are among the cheapest. Even thermal drapes in Woodbridge are more affordable than the likes of blinds and shutters. You have something that isn’t going to break the bank when you find you need to replace. With thermal, you also get the benefit of other financial benefits in the future, making them far more affordable than anything else out there.

Window coverings can offer some financial benefits and some are better than others. The right drapes in Woodbridge are just what you need. The three financial benefits above are just the start. You’ll soon find you save money throughout the day with the coverings.

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