Blinds, Shades, Drapes in Lorton: What Are the Best Options for a Baby’s Room?

A new baby is a beautiful thing. They’re tiny, precious, and completely reliant on you. When it comes to getting things ready, window treatments are something you’ll think about. Do you opt for a set of blackout blinds? What about thermal drapes in Lorton or even honeycomb shades? There are so many choices on the market and you want to get the best option for them.

At the same time, you want something that will be suitable for the years to come. The last thing you want is to find you need to update the window treatments when your baby turns into a tornado toddler. So, what are your best options? Here are the top considerations to make.

Bottom-Up, Top-Down Cellular Shades

Start by looking at cellular shades. Also known as honeycomb shades, these are cost-effective and eco-friendly. The design of the shades help to keep the heat on the right side of the room, making your baby’s room temperature more consistent. You’ll spend less keeping them warm throughout the night or the coldest times of the year.

Bottom-up, top-down shades are highly effective. You can let some natural light into the top of the room without disturbing sleep. It’s possible to keep the air circulating, while gaining some privacy as your child naps in the day. Then there’s the benefit of them being cordless for when they’re running around.

Cordless Roller Shades

The next type of shade to consider if your simple roller shade. Always make sure it’s cordless for the safety when your baby turns into a toddler. Children don’t understand the dangers of cords.

Roller shades have a couple of benefits over everything else. They’re among the cheapest options to buy and install, making them perfect when you’re already stressing about the cost of having a new baby. They can still offer a range of cost benefits in the long-term, although not as many as other types of window treatments.

It’s possible to get roller shades in a range of colors and patterns. If you know the gender, you could consider choosing pink or blue, or you can opt for a different color that brings in a sense of happiness and helps with development. Or there are cartoon characters and patterns that will be perfect for a few years.

You can also double up your roller shades easily with drapes in Lorton. This is a great way to get light filtering or room darkening shades to allow some natural light in but then have something extra to create a blackout effect if you need it.

Drapes in Lorton as a Last Option

Finally, consider drapes, especially thermal drapes. They are beautiful additions to the room, offering safety and functionality. They’re also the cheapest options available.

You can easily double up your drapes with other types of window treatments, especially other shades. However, they also work by themselves, offering personality and functionality. The downside is they’ll be on the floor when your baby is crawling.

Whether you choose blinds, shades, or drapes in Lorton, consider functionality and safety. In the end, it’s going to be these two factors that matter the most for your baby.

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