5 Top Tips for Customizing Your Own Plantation Shutters in Woodbridge

Whether you’ve gone for interior or exterior Woodbridge plantation shutters, adding them to your home offers a range of benefits. They help to manage light levels, offer heating benefits, and can keep your home safe from intruders. But whatever type of shutter or window treatment you have, you want to make sure it speaks to your personality and the type of room you’re in.

That can mean customizing your plantation shutters. Here are five top tips to do it without damaging or getting rid of the value to your shutters.

Think About the Mounting Options

Before you think about changing the look of your plantation shutters in Woodbridge, consider your options for mounting. You have two options: on the inside or outside of the frame. The inside edge offers a sleek appearance, as the shutters fit flush with the walls. However, mounting on the outside can draw more attention and help your shutters command the room.

Get Divider Rails Installed

When getting your Woodbridge plantation shutters installed, consider the divider rails. You can then have two separate shutter sections, allowing more control over light levels and more benefits for those in the home. For example, you can open the top half of the shutter, leaving the bottom half to prevent children getting out of full-length windows.

Opt for Two-Tone Painting

When it comes to painting your shutters for customization, think about two-toning your paint. This isn’t quite the traditional sense of two-toning. You don’t want a different color depending on the angle you look at the shutters. It’s all about painting the outside of the shutter a different color to the inside. You can have all the shutters the same color on the outside to prevent skittle windows. On the inside, each shutter is perfect for the personality in the room.

Try Darker Coloring

You want your plantation shutters in Woodbridge to stand out? You could always opt for darker coloring options. Go for bolder shades, such as navy blue, dark grays, or deep browns. These colors keep a neutral appeal and work for all needs of personality and the room, but will help to make the shutters take command. Don’t forget to keep the color scheme with other elements of the room, such as the skirting board or the odd ornament.

Mix with Drapes

Finally, consider mixing your shutters with some drapes. This can help to add another layer to your windows, creating an extra sense of mystery or beauty around the windows. You’ll need to decide whether your shutters or your curtains are going to be the ones to stand out. Of course, you can always choose the exact same color for both to work well. Drapes are useful for extra heating benefits and quick lighting control when you need it.

Woodbridge plantation shutters look beautiful in the home. Now you just need to decide how you’re going to customize them. Consider your main reasons for getting your shutters installed to decide the best option for customization.

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