4 Top Tips to Save Money on New Blinds in Fort Belvoir

It’s time to get a new set of blinds in Fort Belvoir. The problem is you don’t have the budget available, so you want to save as much money as possible. There are some excellent ways to keep the cost down without losing out on the quality of your items.

 Whether you want vertical, venetian, or any other type of blind, you’ll want to follow these top four tips to save money when buying new blinds.

 Don’t Buy Brand New

 Instead of buying a new set of blinds, look out for lightly used blinds. Yard sales, second-hand shops, and even online stores that offer repurposed blinds could be perfect for your needs. You can save a fortune immediately and still get a good length of time out of them for your own home.

 Make sure you look over the blinds before you buy. You want to check that there are no cracks in the slats and that the mechanism works properly. It’s important to find out how long the blinds in Fort Belvoir have been in use for and whether they were around pets or children. The answers to your questions will give you an idea as to how long they’ll last.

 Get Faux Wood, Plastic, or Aluminum Blinds 

Look out for the right material. Many people will look at real wood blinds. While they do look amazing, you’re paying for the beauty. They also don’t tend to last as long as a set of plastic or faux wood blinds. One of the downsides of natural wood is how it warps in the heat.

 Faux wood blinds will offer the basic look of real wood blinds. It’s only when people get closer that they’ll realize you don’t have the real deal. Plastic and aluminum are clearly fake from a distance.

 Install Blinds in Fort Belvoir Yourself

 You can get blinds with an installation package. Someone will come into your home and make sure your blinds fit your windows properly. You can also get someone to come in and measure your windows for custom made blinds.

 To save money, you’ll want to do as much of this yourself. You don’t even need custom made blinds — just find out the minimum sizing you need for your windows and you’ll be fine!

 When you install yourself, you’ll often be able to splash out for more stylish blinds. If you can’t install yourself, you could always get the blinds and then look around for a contractor or ask a friend or family member to help.

 Buy One Room at a Time

 Don’t replace all your blinds in Fort Belvoir at the same time if you can help it. Replacing every blind will get expensive. So, you want to work on one room at a time.

 You’ll be able to splash out a little on the new blinds. Then you can save up for the next room and so forth. You’ll also find the blinds you buy first will need replacing first in the future. You’ll constantly be on a cycle to save money on your new blinds in Fort Belvoir to make sure you get something energy efficient.

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