3 Rooms Cellular Shades in Alexandria Look Beautiful In

Are you considering Alexandria cellular shades? You may like the look of them, but you just don’t know where to put them. Some shades just seem to suit some rooms better than others. This is definitely the case with cellular shades. Here’s a look at the three rooms you’ll find these types of shades perfect for.

The Conservatory

One of the best places to put your cellular shades in Alexandria homes is in the conservatory (or sun room). This is a room full of windows. Even though the aim is to gain the warmth and brightness of the shades, you will still want some privacy and a way to prevent the glare and UV damage.

The shades will give you the chance to gain privacy at a sitting level. You keep the shades pulled down from the top, allowing the sun light in but not letting people see into your home. As the sun rises, you can change the positioning to help get rid of some of the glare. When the sun starts setting, you can then move the shades up, constantly allowing a stream of light to get into your room.

These types of shades are excellent for still allowing natural light in. They’re thin, so they prevent the glare and the heat of the rays without blocking all light. You can create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere in your sun room.

Open Plan Living and Dining Areas

If you have an open plan living area, you will want to keep that open feeling with your windows. There are high chances that you have large windows that allow as much light in as possible. This means plenty of space to cover when blocking out light or protecting your privacy.

Cellular shades in Alexandria are definitely worth considering. Like with conservatories, they allow you to protect your privacy without blocking out all the light. You can pull down on the shade to allow the light to shine through at the top.

You can also sit the shades at different positions throughout the open plan area. You work with the positioning of the windows, allowing as much light but protecting your privacy as you possibly can. Other types of blinds tend to lose this since they’re stuck at the top.

An Office Space

Office spaces require light and heating control. You need to use the right types of shades to do that. Alexandria cellular shades are among the best options, regardless of the type or number of windows you have in the office space.

Like with other rooms, you get complete control of the positioning of the shades, controlling the light. You can even keep the shades completely closed while you work to keep your office space cool. The material is often thin enough to keep the light shining through without the glare.

Your office materials will be protected from heat and UV damage. You’ll not need to worry as much about replacing equipment frequently or struggling to work with sun glare.

Still wondering about cellular shades? These three rooms greatly benefit from this type of window treatment. Now you’ll just need to choose the colors and styles of your cellular shades in Alexandria.

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