New Window Treatments in Elgin: Why It Could Be Time for New Windows

You’re losing a lot of heat from your home in the window. It just doesn’t feel safe in your home. While you may look at new window treatments in Elgin, like new shades or even plantation shutters, you may find it’s time for new windows.

Your windows won’t last forever. The sealant can start to degrade, or you may find that an incident with a storm or flooding can lead to needing a new set of windows. Before you spend money on new window treatments, consider whether it’s time for new windows by answering these questions.

Your Windows Look Dated

Sometimes, it’s more about the aesthetics. Over time, your windows will start to look old, dating the house. There’s nothing wrong with deciding during your redecoration that actually it’s time for a makeover of the windows.

This is something to consider if you’re thinking about selling in a few years time. Dated windows will affect the cost of the home. Buyers don’t want to have to think about the cost of replacing all the windows. You’ll add value to your home while feeling more comfortable in your home.

Older windows are also weaker. It can be easy to break into your home.

Better Temperature Control

Your windows will lose the majority of your heat during the winter. This is why many people look for new window treatments in Elgin. You want to find something that prevents the heat loss. Well, there can come a time when what you really need is a new set of windows.

Sealant can go over time. Or the windows may never have fit properly in the space. You’ll have tiny gaps that lose the heat in the winter. In the summer, those cracks can lead to the warmer temperature outside coming into your home.

You’ll want to get new windows that fit better. Also look at double- or triple-glazed windows for better heating benefits.

To Add a Tint

If you have south facing windows, you may find that the sun coming into the home is distracting. It can also be way too bright, making things uncomfortable in your living space. Window treatments in Elgin are often used to help manage the light and glare, especially ig you’re in a space where you need to spend time throughout the hottest parts of the day.

Window tints are something worth considering. They’re like the tints on your sunglasses or on your car windows, darkening the windows to manage the levels of glare better.

If you’ve had the tint applied before, you may find it’s time to replace it. Tints will start to bubble over time. The good news is they can be relatively inexpensive to place and are some of the quickest window treatments in Elgin to get.

Before you start buying shades and drapes, look at your actual windows. Your new window treatments in Elgin will only do so much. Sometimes, you need a new set of windows to make the space more secure and comfortable to live.

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