Is There Ever a time to Choose Wooden Blinds in Austin?

You’ll have heard all about the benefits of faux wood blinds when living in the south. But what about when you want the real deal? While there are downsides, there are so many benefits to real wood blinds. Now you just need to figure out whether it’s ever worth choosing wooden blinds in Austin.

They can certainly be beneficial. Depending on the room and with the right care, you could find that they are the best options for your windows. Here’s when you’ll want to consider real wood for your blinds in the south.

When You Want Something Lightweight

Real wood blinds are far more lightweight than other types of window blinds. You don’t have the extra synthetic layer that the composite faux wood blinds have. The slats are smaller, meaning they take up less space.

When you want something lightweight and small in the home, you’ll want to consider real wood. You can take up less space in your window, meaning you allow more light directly into the space.

If you have north-facing windows, allowing as much light in as possible is important. You won’t get much sun, so you need to allow the daylight to shine through as it can. The same applies to east-and-west-facing windows, during the hours they don’t get the daylight.

Wooden Blinds in Austin for Privacy

 The windows in your Austin home may be large. This means you need something that is going to offer a little more privacy than some other window treatments can. Due to the natural darkness of the material, real wood can be the perfect option.

You can get different slat sizing to create the exact among of privacy you want. These blinds are easily customized to work for the larger windows that southern homes offer.

It’s Possible to Match Furniture

 While faux wood blinds come in a variety of colors, sometimes you just want to match your wood furniture. You may have a deep oak or a light pine that you want to match with your window treatments. Real wood is the way to go for this.

Wooden blinds in Austin can easily be stained to match your own furniture. You’ll be able to get the exact look and color you need, making sure your home has an element of elegance to it.

When the blinds are well looked after, you’ll get to keep this beautiful design. It’s possible to make real wood blinds last for years.

When You’re Willing to Do the Work

 As mentioned, you can make wooden blinds in Austin last. However, you need to be willing to do some of the work. It takes time to maintain the real wood and keeping it looking just as new.

There will be times that slats need replacing. There are other times that they’ll need washing and treating with various stains or soft materials. If you can put in the work, you’ll certainly benefit in all the ways you would with the less-maintenance faux wood blinds.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing wooden blinds in Austin. Just make sure they’re definitely right for you.

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