Composite Wood vs. Vinyl Faux Wood Blinds in Austin

You know that faux wood blinds in Austin are the best option to get. They look great and offer many benefits. However, you’ve now been asked about the materials that you want. Didn’t you just decide that?

Faux wood blinds come in two main types of materials. You can either get a composite wood option or opt for PVC or vinyl blinds. Both have a synthetic element, but the composite wood also has a natural elements mixed in. Which is the right option for your needs? Here’s a look at the differences between the two to figure it out.

Composite Wood Blinds for the Home

 Composite wood blinds are still faux wood blinds in Austin. They just have a wooden core that is protected by a PVC or vinyl layer. They still look like the real thing and they can actually feel a little more like the real wood blinds.

In fact, the wood core can make these blinds more superior for select rooms. They have that thicker material in the middle that offers more benefits. They’re also more durable if you have children or pets in the home. They don’t warp or crack within the window.

Vinyl Faux Wood Blinds in Austin

 One of the biggest benefits of vinyl blinds is the cost. You’ll get rid of the natural material and you use up less time to create the blinds. They can even be made to a custom size better than composite wood blinds. So, you get to spend less on your blinds in the short term while still benefitting in the long term.

While they may not look as good as composite blinds, they are still great options. They still create that faux wood look, so it looks like you’ve spent a fortune on your window treatments.

There Are So Many Benefits

 Quite honestly, there’s very little difference between the two types of faux wood blinds. If you’re judging by the upfront cost and you’re on a tight budget, vinyl is going to be the way to go.

Both types of blinds are better than real wood, especially with living in the south or you’re looking to place the blinds in humid rooms. The coating on the composite wood is the same material as the full vinyl shades. This coating/material offers the ability to just wipe clean. The material won’t soak in the water causing damp and mold problems.

You can also use them against the windows facing the south. The constant sun attacking the blinds won’t cause them to deteriorate. The material won’t warp or crack in the heat.

There are also the décor benefits. These types of blinds come in a variety of colors and styles, whether you want the minimalist approach or the real wood look.

The next time it comes to changing your window treatments, look at getting faux wood blinds in Austin. Whether you need Venetian blinds or you prefer vertical blinds, you can get something that will suit your needs. Choosing between the two materials will just depend on cost and whether you want a natural element to them.

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