Are Roller Shades in Austin Right for a Child’s Bedroom?

One of the most common types of window coverings in a child’s bedroom is roller shades in Austin. They certainly allow for more color and style choices, but are they really the best option? This is more than just looking at the amount of light they can block out but about the safety of the shades.

There have been a lot of horror stories about roller shades and the cords. However, companies are changing them and creating cordless structures. Could this make them safe for a child’s bedroom? Are they right for your child? Here are the considerations you need to make.

Always Get Cordless Window Treatments

Whatever type of blind or shade you get, you want to make sure they’re cordless. Even though you won’t put furniture near the roller shades in Austin, you want peace of mind when your children are in this room alone. Cordless window treatments will offer you this peace of mind.

You can get cordless roller shades. They are becoming far more common without spending more money and this is because of the safety aspect. If you want licensed Disney, Warner Bros., and other popular branded window coverings for a child’s room, you will usually only find cordless. So, in that aspect, they’re safe.

Now it’s whether they offer everything else you need for the room.

Blackout Roller Shades in Austin Are Available

Think about the use of the bedroom. While many children will spend time playing in this room, they also need to sleep soundless and easily. Whether young or older, blackout blinds and shades are important. Roller shades are available in a blackout style.

When children are younger, you often need to create a complete blackout effect to help them nap during the day. As they get older, they can find it hard to sleep in the lighter mornings and evenings in the summer or they may be distracted by car headlights or street lamps. Blackout shades are far more effective than room darkening ones.

However, all children are different. You can get light filtering and room darkening for those who are heavier sleepers and find that light doesn’t affect them.

Blackout shades can also offer some heating benefits. One of the downsides of roller shades is they’re not the greatest for insulation but blackout shades are thicker and help to trap the heat in the room. If you find your children are too cold on a night and you’re spending a lot of extra money on heating, considering these blackout blinds.

Something to Work with Personalities

Roller shades in Austin have the benefit of coming in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you want cartoon characters, favorite colors, or intricate patterns, there’s something for your children. This helps make their room more of their space. They can feel like they own the space and it shows off their personality.

While roller shades in Austin aren’t perfect for all and have their downsides, they can be the cheapest and best option for a child’s bedroom. Just make sure you get the cordless options for safety.

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