Why You Need Both Sheer and Blackout Drapes in South Side in Your Rental

Dressing the windows in your rental doesn’t have to be tricky. While you will be limited, there are ways to gain all the benefits of window coverings with just drapes in South Side. To manage this, though, you’ll need to double up.

It’s important to have a set of sheer drapes and a set of room darkening or blackout drapes. Hang both on each of your windows for maximum results.

Think you’re just wasting money? Here’s why both are beneficial for your rental.

Sheer Drapes for the Privacy During the Day

Depending on your rental, you may find that you lack privacy. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if you owned the property because you could get great shutters or venetian blinds. When you rent, you want to keep the costs of window treatments to a minimum.

Sheer drapes in South Side will offer you the privacy you need during the daytime. They don’t block out all the light coming into the room, preventing your space from plunging into darkness. You’ll feel far more comfortable, especially since you can keep the sheer drapes closed at all times.

Sheer Drapes Keep the Summer Temperatures to a Minimum

The summer months have the problem of rising temperatures. A lot of the heat in the home comes from the UV rays shining through. How do you mitigate that in a rental? It’s all about great sheer drapes.

While the drapes don’t block out the light, they will block out the UV rays shining through. You don’t have to deal with the damage they cause but you still benefit from allowing as much light into your home as possible. You’ll get to use the air conditioning less, saving you money each month!

Room Darkening/Blackout Drapes in South Side to Block the Light

Now for the blackout drapes. Room darkening drapes can also work depending on just ho much light you want to block out.

Blackout drapes are good for a child’s bedroom. When they want to nap during the day, you can block out all the light shining through. These are also good for those who work shifts or nights and those who find it difficult to sleep.

Room darkening drapes are perfect for those who just want to cut out the light, but don’t want to plunge a room into complete darkness. They are still thick enough to offer some heating benefits.

Double Up for Better Heating Benefits

Speaking of heating benefits, you’ll find that doubling up on your drapes in South Side will offer some amazing benefits during the winter. The heat has two layers of material to get through before reaching the window. There’s a higher chance the heat remains in your home, keeping the space much warmer without the consistent use of the heat.

It's time to consider getting two sets of drapes for your rental. While you’re spending more to start with, you will gain a world of benefits with sheer and blackout drapes in South Side working together.

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