Why You Need a Set of Sheer Drapes in Pittsburgh

You’ve likely heard of sheer drapes in Pittsburgh. At first, you may brush them off as they don’t offer the lighting benefits you need. However, you’ll certainly want to consider them. This is especially the case if you’re going for thicker curtains or drapes. Here are all the benefits of sheer drapes for your home.

 They Offer a Layer of Protection

 Drapes in Pittsburgh aren’t made to last for decades. They’re low cost options that often need replacing. However, you can help to protect them. 

One of the issues with drapes is the material integrity. While they look great, the UV rays coming into the room can damage the material. This happens mostly with thicker and darker drapes than the light and airy curtains.

 Sheer drapes will offer a layer of protection. They reflect the light and take on most of the UV rays. They’re cheaper to replace but also don’t degrade as quickly as other types of drapes. You’ll find your standard drapes last longer.

 The sheer drapes in Pittsburgh can also be good for protection for other items around the home. You’re preventing the UV rays from hitting walls, furniture, and carpets. Doesn’t that cause you to lose light? That’s another reason to consider sheer drapes.

 You Filter Out the Glare

 You’ll not lose light when you choose a set of sheer drapes. The material will filter out the glare, so you don’t have the problems of the UV rays. You still get a sense of daylight in your home throughout the day.

 Sheer drapes are excellent for all rooms. You can add another window treatment to create a darker setting if you’d like. You’ll probably use something like curtains or other drapes to create a blackout effect or to darken the room on a night.

 Sheer Drapes in Pittsburgh Offer Privacy

 You could opt for a set of solar shades against your windows. After all, they do all of the above and don’t get in the way of your other window treatments. However, there’s one thing that sheer drapes can do that solar shades can’t. The sheer material will constantly offer privacy.

 On a night, your solar shades don’t work as you would like. They block your view out but people will see in. When you want that nighttime protection, you’ll want a set of sheer drapes. They don’t work like one-way mirrors in the way that solar shades do, so you don’t have the issue of people seeing in on a night.

 You don’t lose the light with them, though. Because of the sheer material, you’ll be able to use them in your conservatory to gain the light but reduce glare and heat.

 What are you putting up on your windows? If you’re choosing a set of curtains or drapes in Pittsburgh, you need to think about protection for the material. Get a set of sheer drapes to work with your beautiful window treatments and ensure they last longer than average. You’ll gain a load more benefits for your home.

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