Why Honeycomb Cordless Blinds in Pittsburgh Are Growing in Popularity

There are so many types of blinds available. You know you want cordless blinds in Pittsburgh for the safety of your children, but now you realize that you still have a lot of choices. One of the most common types of cordless blinds you’ll come across is a honeycomb blind. These types of shades are growing in popularity, and here’s why.

 They’re Affordable for All 

Cordless blinds are certainly going down in price compared to a few years ago, but some are more affordable than others. This is all linked to the materials of the shades, just like you’d find if you looked for corded blinds and shades.

 Honeycomb blinds are always going to be among the most affordable, whether you opt for corded or cordless blinds in Pittsburgh. You get a fabric blind that offers a range of heating and cooling benefits. They’re easy to make and they look great in the home.

 Whatever your budget, you can get a set of window coverings with honeycomb blinds. They’re also easy to move around from house to house, so there’s nothing to worry about if you’re renting a property or if you’ve bought one.


More Lighting Control with Honeycomb Cordless Blinds in Pittsburgh

 One of the biggest benefits of honeycomb shades is the lighting control. Most of these shades fit within the window frame and on a runner. You can pull them from the bottom up to open or you can pull them from the top down. This is perfect when you want to allow the light in without losing privacy in your home. You pull from the top down to let the light in but cover the lower part of your window.

 There are different types of these cordless blinds too. They come in different colors and material thicknesses, whether you want to only darken the room or create a complete blackout effect. It’s going to depend on what you use a room for, but there is something for all lighting control needs.

 Better Heating Benefits with Honeycomb Shades

 While you want cordless blinds in Pittsburgh for safety, you don’t want to lose out on some of the heating and cooling benefits of corded treatments. This is why honeycomb shades are so popular. They offer a range of heating and cooling benefits, despite their fabric material.

 It’s all in the honeycombs. The gaps in the middle of the two layers of fabric will help to circulate the air back into the room, keeping the heat inside when it tries to escape. In the summer, you keep the heat out of your home. You end up saving money on the HVAC bills because you don’t need to use the system as much to manage the temperatures in the home.

There are certainly many options out there when it comes to cordless blinds in Pittsburgh. Honeycomb blinds are the only type of treatments you need to consider at first, regardless of budget or need for the window coverings in your home.

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