What Are the Best Types of Roman Blinds in Pittsburgh for Your Needs?

You know you want a set of roman blinds in Pittsburgh. They look great and offer a range of benefits, but your window treatment choices aren’t over yet. You need to decide on the type of roman blinds you’ll hang.

These types of window treatments come in a variety of styles, offering different looks, feels, and benefits. Here are the best types for the majority of people.

Keep Things Flat

Start with flat roman blinds in Pittsburgh. They’re considered the most elegant of choices, making them extremely popular and affordable. There’s a casual look to the room, and you can get them in a range of colors and fabrics to suit your specific décor needs.

The shades remain out of the way when open. They sit at the top and often just cascade over each other. In some cases, they sit in a stack, keeping the blockage around the window to a minimum. They are neat and easy to use, which are always plus points.

Got For Something Relaxed

When you want something more modern and casual, relaxed roman blinds in Pittsburgh are something to consider. They draw up in a curved manner, hanging lower in the middle. This can take up some window space when open, which gets in the way of some but it can also manage the glare shining through during the day.

The fabric is often lighter, preventing a blackout effect and managing the natural light shining through. This offers you the chance to use the shades without losing natural light. However, the thinner material isn’t great for managing heat loss.

Cordless Roman Blinds in Pittsburgh for Safety

If you have children or pets, you’ll want to think about the risks that some window treatments have. The cords can get tangled, causing injuries. You can get a set of cordless roman blinds for safety benefits.

The cordless options are excellent for creating a seamless look to your windows. Opening and closing is done through a rope in the middle of the blind, so they are still easy to use. You get all the same benefits as other window treatments, especially other roman shades.

Consider Top-Down Roman Shades

You’ll know top-down, bottom-up shades are available in a honeycomb style. Did you know that you can also get this style of roman shade? This style of shade is certainly something to consider for the practicality benefits.

The greatest benefit is managing the privacy and light. You can open the top of the shade to let the natural light in but avoid people seeing into the window since the bottom is still covered. The downside is you’re still managing the glare from the sun.

There are many types of roman blinds in Pittsburgh to consider. The four above are those that are either already popular or growing in popularity. They’re excellent for stylistic and benefit purposes, managing the light, heating and privacy in your home. You’ll also get something that suits your home’s décor in terms of color and look.

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