Room Darkening vs. Blackout Blinds in Pittsburgh: Which One Do You Really Need?

While you’re looking at the various window treatments available, something you keep finding is reference to room darkening abilities. This isn’t the same as blackout blinds in Pittsburgh but is commonly mixed up.

 It’s important to understand the differences between the two. This will help you find the type of window treatment that works the best for your needs. Here is everything you need to know about room darkening vs. blackout blinds for your home.

 Do You Want to Lose All Light?

 The first thing you need to consider is the way that the two types of blinds work. The clue is in their names. Room darkening blinds will limit the amount of light shining through but doesn’t block it all. Instead of plunging a room into complete darkness during the day, it will just get rid of the sun and glare. You can still see your way around.

 If you don’t want to lose all the light in the home when your blinds are in use, room darkening options are for you. However, if you want to make it look like nighttime during the day, such as for those working nights and trying to sleep in the daytime, then you’re going to want blackout blinds in Pittsburgh. 

Do You Want the Light to Shine Out? 

During the day, you get the light shining into your home. What about on a night? The light works the other way. With room darkening blinds, you’ll find that the light shines from the home to the outside. It’s possible to see if someone is at home and still up. 

That’s not necessarily the case with blackout blinds, depending on the style and fit. You’ll be able to block all views of what’s shining out of your home, adding more comfort and protection.


Blackout Blinds in Pittsburgh for Sound Proofing?

 If you sleep during the day, there is the downside of noise from the outside. The world doesn’t stop because you’re on an odd shift pattern. This is where blackout blinds can be good.

 While no type of window treatment is completely soundproof, blackout blinds can be among the best for muffling the noise. They are thicker, helping to prevent as many soundwaves coming through the window. When they’re in use, you can help to keep things as quiet as possible to help you sleep.

 Many Similarities Between the Options

 While there are differences between room darkening and blackout blinds in Pittsburgh, there are also many similarities. In fact, it’s because of the similarities that the two types of window treatments tend to get mixed up.

 Both offer aesthetic benefits to your home. It’s possible to get heating and cooling benefits—although some are better than others for this—and you can gain privacy and comfort in your home. The biggest differences are about the level of light coming into and out of your home. 

Which type of blind will work best for you? Blackout blinds in Pittsburgh can be great for bedrooms, but otherwise, you might want to look at room darkening.

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