How Motorized Blinds in Pittsburgh Make Your Home Life Easier

You’ll see motorized blinds in Pittsburgh used in office spaces and some commercial rentals. There are even many movies and TV shows that have people using motorized systems. Have you considered them for your home? You may be surprised at how the motorized blinds can make your life a lot easier.


It's time to consider getting a set for your home, for each of the windows. Here’s how motorized blinds will make your home life easier.


You Cut the Cords


When you opt for motorized blinds in Pittsburgh, you end up with a system that completely cuts the cord. There’s no need for the dangling eyesores that end up unsafe for everyone. Your home becomes a safe haven for the entire family, whether you have children in the house all the time or your grandkids just visit sometimes.


It's important to have something that looks good, is practical, and is safe for the entire family. You’ll soon have peace of mind when you set up these cordless systems. There’s no need to worry when the kids are supposed to be napping but secretly playing.


There’s No Need to Get Up


Sometimes you just don’t want to get up to move the blinds, right? This isn’t just about being lazy but about having window treatments that are convenient for you. And in some cases, you can’t get up! So, it’s time to turn to motorized blinds in Pittsburgh.


The systems are connected to a remote device. Some of them can even be controlled via a smart device, meaning you can just use your phone to get full control of your window treatments. Whether the sun had suddenly set or the glare has suddenly changed, you can switch the positioning of your blinds with a push of a button.


Get Voice-Controlled Motorized Blinds In Pittsburgh


Can’t find your phone? Want to control everything as soon as you walk through the door? You can get motorized blinds that will connect to a voice device. Some are designed for the Google Home device and others for Amazon Alexa devices.


Like you would for dimming the lights and turning on your favorite music, you can control your blinds with the sound of your voice. Take your coat off and get Google or Alexa to do everything for you.


Control from Outside


What about when you want to control on your way home from work? Gone are the days where you have to leave the blinds open full as your home plunges into darkness. You can control motorized blinds in Pittsburgh with your phone from a distance. It’s possible to just push a button on the way home from work, so it looks like you’re home.


I’d suggest getting other elements connected to your phone, especially your lights. During the winter time, your home is safer when it looks like you’re in.


What are you waiting for? It’s time to use technology to your advantage. Get your motorized blinds in Pittsburgh and make your home life a million times easier.

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