4 Ways to Use Plantation Shutters in East Liberty in Your Kids’ Rooms

Plantation shutters in East Liberty are excellent additions to all rooms in the home. They don’t just need to be used on the windows. A child’s room can benefit from these beautiful window treatments. Here are four ways you could consider using them for your kids’ rooms.

 For the Windows

 Naturally, one of the most common ways to use your plantation shutters is for the windows. They offer some of the biggest benefits out of all window treatments, especially when it comes to a child’s bedroom.

 Shutters offer the ability to keep the temperature in bedrooms far more consistent. They prevent the heat escaping in the winter but can also keep the sun’s rays out of the room in the summer to reduce temperatures. It’s possible to use the heating and air conditioning less but keep your child’s room comfortable.

 Plus, shutters offer more privacy, more lighting benefits, and better security. If you own a home, you’ll definitely want to consider nothing other than plantation shutters in East Liberty. But what other ways can you use shutters in a child’s room?

 Make a Funky Bookcase

 As your children get older, they’ll want to read more books and will need a space for all their school things. They’ll even want somewhere just to place their trinkets and favorite ornaments. Why not use plantation shutters to make a funky bookcase?

 One of the great things is that the bookcase is completely customizable. Your children get to feel like they have a part in the creation of the design and coloring. This is an item of furniture that they’ll love for years.

 Opt for a Photo Frame or Wall Hanger

 Your children will want somewhere that they can place photos, cards, and little notes from their friends. You can use plantation shutters in East Liberty for this. You just need one panel that you can drill to the wall. Keep the louvers slightly open, allowing cards and photos to slot in easily.

 You can also place small hooks, bulldog clips, and other useful items into the louvers. This makes the wall hanger something far more practical and changes the use as your children get older.

 Use Plantation Shutters in East Liberty on Wardrobe Doors

 Finally, it’s all about the cupboard doors. Whether your child has a walk-in closest or just a small wardrobe under the bunk beds, they’ll need doors. Plantation shutters are perfect for this. They look like doors for windows, after all. Remove them from the windows and use hinges to offer a way to keep eyes away from some of your child’s most precious things.

 You can get shutters that fit the doorway perfectly. However, you can also use shutters that only cover part of the door. Because it’s a wardrobe, there’s no need to worry about the gaps at the top and bottom.

 How are you using plantation shutters in East Liberty in your children’s bedrooms? What are you doing to make the space more practical and fun? Think about your options to make your child’s room somewhere they want to be.

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