7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Summer Oasis: Stylish Window Treatments for a Cool Home

Embrace Solar Shades

  1. Solar Shades are a fantastic option for summer window treatments. They allow soft, natural light as well as maintain a diffuse view to the outside. Soft filtered light enters you home, all while reducing glare, heat gain, and UV rays. They provide some daytime privacy (how ever NOT night-time privacy). Choose from a range of solid colors and textures that complement your home's decor. There are even materials that can be used in your outdoor outdoor living spaces!

Energy-Efficient Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

  1. Beat the summer heat while conserving energy with cellular shades. These innovative window treatments feature a unique honeycomb design that traps air, acting as an insulating layer against heat gain. By reducing the transfer of hot air from the outdoors to the indoors , cellular shades help maintain a cooler environment while lowering your energy bills. Bonus: they block floor and furniture damaging UV Rays!

Stylish Roller Shades 

  1. Not your Grandma's roller shades! Today's roller shades offer both functionality and style, making them a popular choice for summer window treatments. With an array of fabric options, including light-blocking materials, you can control the amount of sunlight entering your space. Opt for lighter colors to reflect heat, or choose bold patterns to make a statement and infuse your rooms with a vibrant summertime feel.

Versatile Window Films

  1. Window films provide an excellent solution for blocking harmful UV rays and reducing heat while maintaining your view of the outdoors. These adhesive films can be applied directly to your existing windows, offering a cost-effective alternative to cover your windows. With various levels of tint and decorative options available, you can achieve the desired level of privacy and sun protection.


  1. Shutters are a timeless addition to your home decor, but did you know that they are also energy efficient? Their precise fit in your windows and opaque material can significantly reduce the heat transfer from outside to inside your home. Their adjustable louvers allows maximum control of the sunlight entering your space, diminishing glare and damaging UV rays. Made of wood or composite material, custom shutters come in an array of colors and stains. They can be made into almost any shape, so they are perfect for odd shape windows. You can even custom color match! Classic beauty and heat control make shutters a perfect option to reduce summer cooling bills.


Bamboo and Woven Wood Shades 

  1. For a natural and beachy vibe, consider bamboo or woven wood shades. These eco-friendly window treatments infuse your home with a relaxed summer aesthetic. The natural fibers allow diffused light to filter through while adding texture and visual interest. With a variety of colors and weaves available, as well as liners, you can create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Motorized Blinds for Convenience 

  1. Take your window treatments to the next level of convenience and functionality with motorized shades. With a simple touch of a button or a voice command, you can effortlessly adjust the window treatments to control sunlight and maintain a comfortable temperature. Do you notice that your home heats up at a specific time of day? A bridge system can be added to your home's router and your shades can be pre-programmed to open and close at peak sun/heat times. You can come home at the end of the day to a cooler home! Enjoy the luxury of customizing your window treatments to fit your desired level of privacy and light throughout the day.

With the right window treatments, you can create the perfect summer oasis in your home. Light-filtering fabrics, cellular shades, roller shades, window films, shutters, bamboo or woven wood shades, and motorized applications offer a diverse range of options to suit your style and needs. Stay cool, beat the heat, and enjoy the beauty and comfort of your summer retreat. Call Budget Blinds of Coventry to assist you in choosing the perfect energy efficient window treatments for your home. 401-828-2374.


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