Enjoying the Outdoors Year-Round with Progressive MagnaTrack Exterior Screens

When it comes to outdoor living, few things are as satisfying as seamlessly blending the comfort of indoor spaces with the beauty of the outdoors. Whether it's lounging on a lazy summer afternoon or hosting gatherings with family and friends, time outside is always needed. However, unpredictable weather, pesky insects, and other nuisances can sometimes put a damper on outside enjoyment. Progressive MagnaTrack Exterior Screens are the ultimate solution for your outdoor and patio spaces! Perfectly suited for patios, garages, windows, pergolas, and gazebos, MagnaTrack Screens deliver unparalleled performance and durability, ensuring your outdoor areas remain comfortable and protected year-round! 

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Exterior Screens: Durability 

The MagnaTrack system is engineered to withstand substantial force and ensure your outdoor space will be protected from the elements, gusty winds, relentless insects, and more. Unlike conventional screens, MagnaTrack is designed with a heavy-duty bottom rail that maintains tautness, enhancing its weather-resistant effectiveness. 

MagnaTrack is also set apart by its use of magnets within the side rails, anchoring the tracks securely in place. This feature strengthens the screen's stability and ensures hassle-free operation and longevity. The durability is truly remarkable, withstanding wind speeds of 75mph! This will not only provide peace of mind during inclement weather but also ensure long-term value. 

Vinyl Screens: Expand Your Space

Among the array of options available, MagnaTrack vinyl screens stand out by truly expanding your space and preserving the views. Crafted from clear marine-grade vinyl named Stratiglass, these screens protect your home while seamlessly integrating outdoor and indoor spaces. They also act as an effective barrier against pollen during the springtime, ensuring an allergen-free environment for outdoor relaxation. 

Customization: Tailored to your Preferences

From adjusting the size and dimensions to selecting complementary colors and finishes, the possibilities are wide when it comes to tailoring your MagnaTrack exterior screen. Our expert team at Budget Blinds will help you pick the perfect style that fits your unique style and preferences! 

Whether you seek protection from the elements or wish to expand your outdoor living space, these exterior screens provide a seamless solution that enhances your enjoyment of the great outdoors, rain or shine. With progressive exterior screens, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to embrace the outdoors and create lasting memories with loved ones, regardless of the seasons. 

Schedule your complimentary in-home consultation with our team at Budget Blinds of Cary, Apex, and Holly Springs to bring a custom MagnaTrack screen with your home! 

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