Top Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Top Energy Efficient Window Coverings

 When researching energy efficient window coverings, you can find articles from the Department of Energy, @, and how windows account for up to 30% of the energy loss from your home. 

 Energy loss will also depend on the age of your windows and whether or not they are single or double paned. 

We are here to let you know what window coverings, our local customers, are choosing to help save on their energy costs for every season.  


 -Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

 In the Northern states, especially for here in Michigan, the #1 choice for energy efficient window coverings are cellular shades. AKA: Honeycomb shades. 

 The Honeycomb portion of the shade helps to absorb or trap, the cold air within each cell.  You get a dual layer of fabric between you and the window. In the summertime, they reflect the heat back out. They are often used in bedroom windows throughout many Livonia & Brighton, MI homes. 

 At Budget Blinds of Brighton & Livonia, our top requested cellular shade is the top-down, bottom-up shade. They help maintain a steady, comfortable room temperature while in addition they offer privacy & light control when & where you need it. 

 Our top-down, bottom-up shades (cellular or tri-light shade), come with or without a sheer on top. They are available in a rainbow of colors, to everyday neutrals, that will match or contrast your home decor. 


-Plantation Shutters


  Plantation Shutters offer a timeless style to your window, while also locking out the heat in the summer and cold air in the winter.  They are mounted within your window frame or directly outside of the window, onto your window trim or drywall. They are a perfect barrier between you and the window to block & keep out the window drafts. 

Open and close the louvers as needed, to let the sunshine in, during the Michigan winters and in the summer allow for the beautiful breeze to come inside. 


-Soft Window Treatments


  Roman Shades & Drapes are in the soft window treatment category.  Depending on which specific fabric and if they are lined or unlined, will help increase their efficiency in maintaining a proper home temperature for every season.

 Drapery panels are a perfect addition to your current window coverings. They easily block the cold and heat from entering through the sides of your current blinds or shades. 

 Roman Shades are also made of fabrics, they add a decorative look to your window while still being energy efficient. 

  We bring all the fabric samples to you, measure and professionally install once your custom soft treatments arrive. 

-Solar Roller Shades

 Solar roller shades are a main request for commercial businesses around our Brighton & Livonia areas. 

Even if they have tinted windows, solar rollers, work well at repelling the heat back outside in the summer. During the winter months, they add a slight barrier from the cold drafts coming in through the window. 

 When pairing any of the above coverings with the drapery panels, you are sure to get the most energy efficient home. 

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