Window Treatments for Multiple Windows in the Same Room

Rooms with multiple windows offer an outstanding opportunity to use beautiful custom window treatments. When you're using three window curtains or more in a room, they have a significant impact on the space. It is recommended to match the window treatments in a room to create a cohesive visual look. Learn more about different curtain styles, shades and blind options so that you can create the look you want to achieve for your home.

Understanding different window coverings

Window treatments come in many different styles. The more windows you have in a room, the more impactful your window coverings will be.


Curtains are a classic choice, draping elegantly over the windows in your space. Curtains may hang to the floor, making your room’s multiple windows each a dramatic focal point. They also come in custom lengths if you want a clean, contemporary look. You can put more focus on the view through your many windows than the window coverings themselves by using a longer rod with decorative panels to allow more of the glass to show.

Curtains Living Room Inspired Drapes

If you're interested in highlighting your view while maintaining some privacy, cafe curtains draw attention to your window coverings with a rod positioned at the middle of the window. Cafe curtains can be matched with a custom-made cornice to bring the look together. Using a custom valance across multiple windows is another elegant option.

Curtains are lightweight and unlined, typically consisting of cotton, linen or sheer fabrics allowing some natural light to come through them.


Drapes are similar to curtains, with a few distinct differences. While drapes also come in pairs and hang from a rod over the window, they typically always hang to the floor, and can be made to pool at the bottom if you desire. Their materials can vary as well, using fabrics like linen blends, silk or velvet. Drapes usually feature a lining as well, allowing less light to pass through.

Using drapes on multiple windows creates an opulent feeling in your living space. It also ties the room together by creating a cohesive space.  Drapes are a good choice for classic, traditional decorating.


Shades hang within the window and pull down from the top so you can adjust them to provide as much or as little coverage as you'd like throughout the day. You can pull the shade up or down using cordless or motorized mechanism. Motorization is a great option for large windows or multiple window openings. You can easily open and close all your windows with the press of one button or on voice command. This can help when you have several windows in a room and want to control sunlight or associated warmth.

Valance Drapes Bedroom

Shades may have folds, as in the case of Roman shades, or flat as in the case of roller shades. Because shades fit inside the window, you can pair them with window coverings such as drapes or curtains.


Blinds feature a series of slats, allowing you to adjust them in two ways. You can lift and lower the blinds, or you can maneuver the tilt of the slats to allow more or less light into the room. Blinds work well with coastal or traditional decor, and they give you essential control over coverage in a room with multiple windows.

Blinds come in many different materials, ranging from lightweight aluminum to soft fabric and elegant wood. Blinds typically have horizontal louvers, but some feature vertical slats suspended from a headrail at  the top of the window.

Managing privacy with large windows

While large windows provide an expansive view of the landscape outside your home, they also allow for a broad view into your house, particularly after dark. If your windows are visible to neighbors, privacy may be a prime concern. Fortunately, the right window treatments can resolve this issue for you.

Blinds or shades can increase privacy with large windows. These window coverings are easily adjustable so that you can let light in through partially open blinds without providing a complete view into your home. Sheer shades can allow some sunlight to shine into the room while keeping your windows shaded from prying eyes. You can also opt for automated motorized window coverings that will automatically close at a pre-set time to give you privacy when you need it.

Shutters are another adjustable option for large windows. They feature louvers similar to blinds, but with more options. Shutters are a permanent installation that adds sophistication to the space.

Hanging curtains for side-by-side windows

If you have several windows positioned in a side-by-side arrangement, you can dress them as one large window. Cover the area between the windows with curtains or drapes to conceal the wall space. This technique creates a cohesive look across all your windows and makes them a stunning focal point of the room.

If you'd like a more complex look for unique windows, you could also use one color or design for the window treatments and a second complementary color or pattern for the valance or cornice across the top.

Side-by-side windows with very little space in between may not provide enough room for a curtain or drapery to hang between them. In this case, you can pull together the windows with a single valance over all the windows. Use coordinating blinds or shades over the windows themselves for coverage.

Coordinating multiple windows

Multiple windows should always have coordinating window coverings when they're in the same room. The number of windows in the room multiplies the impact of these window treatments. Be thoughtful about your selection.

As you're considering the color, fabric and pattern for these windows, think about your overall decor. In a contemporary room that uses solids and neutrals for the walls, flooring and furniture, you can allow window coverings with bold patterns to take center stage. A bohemian space with heavily patterned wallpaper and richly colored furniture will look better with neutral window coverings that fade into the background and allow the room decor's other aspects to shine.

Wooden window blinds and white or gray curtains may seem simple, but they still have a stunning impact that's neat and clean. This point is especially true in industrial or mid-century modern spaces.

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