What is the Best Blind Slat Size for Your Windows?

It’s safe to say that blinds are one of the most popular window treatments. They complement any type of décor ranging from classic to contemporary and provide a finished look to any space, residential or commercial. But choosing the right fit for your windows involves consideration of several factors like material, texture, color, stain, and finish, as well as the options to motorize them or operate them with cords.

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While you’re focused on these obvious factors, don’t forget the blind slat size, one of the most overlooked aspects. Many consumers tend to go with the regular size or whatever is being offered, possibly unaware that choices are available. To make the most of your blinds, it’s best to determine the optimal slat size based on the room’s purpose and the size of your windows. To help you in making the right choice, Budget Blinds offers a range of blinds options in different slat sizes, from narrow to wide.

But how do you pick the right one? Is there a rule book that can assist you in making the right choice? We offer some helpful tips that can help you find the perfect slat size for your windows.

Guide to Choosing the Right Blind Slat Size

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The right blind slat size can positively impact the finished look of the window apart from influencing functionality aspects like openness and light and privacy control. For practical considerations it’s best to take into account the purpose of the room. For instance, in the bedroom, privacy and light control are a priority; in the living room, you may prefer unobstructed outside views and natural light over privacy.

But the most important factor when selecting the blind width or vane size is undoubtedly the size of the window itself. A slat size that is proportional to the window is your best bet with regard to creating the right visual effect. Here’s a guide that helps you consider both the aesthetic and practicality requirements:

Window Size

The window size is a crucial factor in choosing the blinds width as it can offer the right sense of proportion. An appropriately sized slat will complement the window while a disproportionate slat width will detract from it. For instance, a small window fitted with wide slat blinds would be overpowered.

The right slat size can also make a style statement. Larger blind slats or vanes create a modern, bold effect and pair well with clean line, contemporary pieces of furniture. Smaller blind slats are a great choice for more traditional, classic or transitional décor styles.

Small Slats for Small Windows

In keeping with the proportionality aspect, smaller slats are naturally suited for small or medium windows or windows with a short height. For instance, window frames that are wide but not tall can be covered with smaller slats of 1” or even ½” slats as these won’t overwhelm the tiny window space. Smaller slats result in more slats per blind and enhance the height by making the window appear taller. On the contrary, big slats would appear to diminish the short height. 

However, if you have a narrow but tall window, you can take advantage of the vertical height with bigger slats of 2” or more. If you’re looking to mount the blinds inside the window frame, small slats work great too.

Medium Slats for Mid-Sized Windows

Medium sized windows are the most common and generally default to the most common slat size, which is 2”. Most styles of window blinds are available in the 2” size to accommodate the majority of windows.

The best part about dressing medium windows is that you don’t have to go with the common slat size if you don’t want to. You can go big or small depending on your preference. For building a bold and modern impact, consider using 2 ½” slats. Or, for a sleeker look and to block more light you can install smaller slats.

Budget Blinds Composite blinds are a great option as they are available in both 2” and 2 ½” slat sizes, smooth and textured finishes, and a stunning array of colors ranging from whites and neutrals to rich wood grains.

Big Slats for Large Windows

Big windows are a challenge to cover given their wide expanse and height. Blinds can be the ideal covering with bigger vanes or slat sizes for the perfect solution. Bigger slats can effectively cover large windows, resulting in a balanced, proportionate visual appeal. Smaller slats on large windows would tend to look disproportionate and cluttered due to the number of slats required to cover the large window frame. 

2 - 2 ½” slats would be perfectly proportional for large window frames. Since larger windows typically result in heavier blinds, consider using real wood blinds which are surprisingly lighter than other materials like faux wood. To further resolve the challenge of heavy blinds, Budget Blinds offers wood blinds in a 2-on-1 headrail option that divides the overall load and makes the lift system easier to operate. Our wood blinds are available in 1” and 2 ½” sizes. Another option is using vinyl or fabric blinds which are lighter and can be customized to your requirements.

For sliding glass doors or large windows, Budget Blinds Vertical blinds with wider slats cover the large area efficiently and in a visually pleasing manner. These are offered in a stunning collection of vinyl patterns, ranging from basic curved to S-shaped vanes, in deeply embossed styles and a wide range of fabrics available in hundreds of colors.

More or Less Natural Light

The style and aesthetic effect aside, the blind slat size can directly impact the natural lighting in a room. If you prefer to let in more natural light, it’s best to opt for blinds with bigger vanes or slat width. When open or tilted, blinds with big slats allow more light to enter a room.

In contrast, smaller slats have less space between the slats so there’s less room for the sun to shine through. Blinds with smaller slats in the open position don’t let in as much light as do bigger slats. So, smaller slats allow you to fine-tune the lighting, all the way to room darkening with their ability to block natural light.

Outside Views

The downside of smaller slats (½” micro and 1”) is that they require more slats, which results in not only more blocked light but also more obstructed outside views, even with the blinds in the open position. For unobstructed views, it’s best to roll up the blinds completely. But if you prefer the tilted or open position, blinds with bigger slats, like 2 ½”, provide a clearer outside view.


Larger slats are not typically conducive for enhanced privacy when open, although they offer considerable privacy when tilted up or down. Bigger slats do offer controllable privacy without completely obstructing the outside view.

If you prefer maximum privacy, smaller slats have less room between the slats for onlookers to see through even when the blinds are open. Hence, these work well for bedrooms and bathrooms which require both privacy and light control.

Budget Blinds Can Help You Pick the Right Size

Window depth is another important consideration when choosing the right slat size. Windows with a narrow depth should be fitted with smaller blind slats, especially if you’re doing an inside mount because you won’t want the blinds to protrude past the windowsill.  With an outside mount, you may opt for wider slats; your Budget Blinds specialist can help with this.

Whether you’re looking to cover a single window or multiple ones in varying shapes and sizes, Budget Blinds can help you pick the right fit for your home. All you have to do is schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation with your local Budget Blinds consultant.

Our team of experts will discuss your requirements with you, take precise measurements, and recommend the perfect blinds with the appropriate slat size for your windows. Once you have finalized the selection, our installation experts step in to complete the process, installing perfectly fitted window blinds. Allow us to help you pick the right window blinds for your every need.

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