What Color Blinds Should I Choose?

Whether you are building a new home, or updating an existing one, you will need window treatments. Choosing the right color for your blinds may sound simple until you see the array of options and colors, then it can become overwhelming! You spent hours selecting the perfect paint colors for your home, so you want to make the right choice for your window treatments too. The type of blind and the color you choose should not only add beauty to your home, but also value for years to come. To assist you in your decision, Budget Blinds suggests first answering the following question: Do you want the blinds to blend in or stand out in the room?

If you want them to blend in, which is what most homeowners select, you will need to match your trim color especially if there is trim around the window or a sill. You may be thinking, “Why not match the wall color?” You can do that, but you need to consider if you ever change your wall paint color you may have to change your blinds too! Trim colors normally stay the same, even if you change wall color, so matching your blinds to the trim is always a safe and long-lasting choice. Another benefit to matching the trim color is, if there are architectural trim details around the window, installing a blind in the same color makes the window appear wider and taller. It can also make a room appear larger because the color scheme flows seamlessly across the room.

Wood Blinds Living Room Lutron

When choosing the “perfect” color for your blinds that matches your trim, don’t settle for off-the-shelf blinds that come in just one shade of white or off-white. A “close” match of your trim color will not give a custom look. Plus, remember you are investing in the value of your home, so making a wise choice not only has a visual impact but an added value as well.  Your Budget Blinds Design Consultant has an array of shades of white as well as the popular greys in blinds from the economical faux woods to the classic beauty of wood blinds. With a variety of quality vendors to choose from and Budget Blinds years of experience, you are sure to find the “perfect” color you are looking for!

Faux Wood Blinds Dining Room Enlightened Style

Another option, which makes more of a design statement is to have the blinds add a pop of color to the room. Pick an accent color from your rug and order custom Roman shades. Or if your room is all solid colors with no pattern choose a fun pattern or print and turn your windows into works of art with a custom roller shade. Not feeling that bold, but you don’t want just white or off-white blinds? Choose a window treatment that coordinates with your flooring. Woven woods or stained blinds are a great option to blend the colors of the room and add texture and interest to your windows.

Roller Shades Kitchen Inspired Collection

As you can see there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing window treatments. The good news is Budget Blinds is here to guide you through the process. Ready to get started? Just click here to find your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant and to schedule a virtual* or in-home consultation for your home.

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