What Are The Best Blinds For An RV?

The best blinds for your RV will depend on several factors, many having to do with where you plan to travel! Will you be parked in a crowded area close to others and need privacy, at the beach battling glare off the ocean waters or, off the grid enjoying a winter ski trip or snowmobile adventure?

The best blinds for an RV include pleated shades, cellular shades, roller/solar shades, and aluminum blinds. All of these can provide privacy, insulation, and light control. Consider day/ night shades for versatility with cordless-lift or motorization for ease of use, plus pet and child safety.

Each blind has its pros and cons so let’s review each one to see which one meets your needs.

RV Window Treatments

RV Window Treatments 

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are an accordion-type of blind that stacks neat and tight when completely raised, and is available in a variety of colors and textures. It is lightweight and easy to raise and lower. Pleated shades are very affordable, durable, and easy to clean, but the cords and accompanying pinholes of light can be one of the downsides of this shade. Pleated shades are also available with a light-blocking lining, but because of the construction of the shade, cords and light pinholes will still be visible. While pleated shades can be made in wide widths, there may be overlapping seams where the widths are joined together. Pleated shades are normally a single-layer product and while they do provide some insulation they do not provide the same amount as other types of shades.

Cellular Shades

Like pleated shades, cellular shades also fold up in an accordion style and have a tight stack. The difference in a cellular shade is its insulating pockets or honeycomb design. This feature makes cellular shades one of the best insulating blinds in window coverings. It works for both heat and cold temperatures and comes in an array of cell sizes, colors, and textures. It can be made in wide widths without a seam for a continuous clean look. The cords are also hidden within the honeycomb cells so as opposed to a pleated shade you do not see the cords or pinholes. A cellular shade is available in a top-down/bottom-up shade, plus cordless lift and can be motorized. Cellular, also known as honeycomb shades, are well priced for their wide range of options and energy-saving design. They are also durable and easy to clean.

Roller/Solar Shades

Roller and Solar Shades are shades that roll up on a tube and provide a clean, sleek look. Both shade types roll uptight to allow for views when desired and are available in light filtering or room darkening. Both solar and roller shades are durable and very easy to maintain and keep clean. They are also available with cordless or motorized control, keeping your children and pets safe. This category offers the widest array of colors, patterns, and designs plus a wide range of textures. While solar shades are a roller shade, their main difference is that they are made from a material that is designed for good UV protection with an open weave. Solar shades filter the glare and heat while allowing a view to the outside. To learn more about the differences in roller and solar shades click this link https://budgetblinds.com/blog/what-is-the-difference-between-solar-roller-shades/ for more details.

During the day, solar shades allow you to see outside, but it is worth noting that at night, with lights on, people will be able to see through the solar shade into your RV. That is why a day/nightshade is a good option. A day/nightshade combines a light-filtering solar shade with a room-darkening roller shade. This way you get the best of both.

Day/Night RV Blinds or Shades

Both a pleated and cellular shade is also available with a day/night feature. This simply means there are two shades combined with the option of the day shade filtering light and glare, and the nightshade being room darkening, for privacy or blocking out bright moonlight. Also, day/night shades are perfect to adjust light and heat control during the day for that afternoon nap or to cool off the RV on a hot sunny day.

Motorized Shades or Blinds for RVs

Add motorization to your RV shades for easy control at the touch of a button. No more reaching over the table, built-ins, or bed to control the shades. Program them to lower during the heat of the day, or raise to let the warm sun heat the trailer on a cold winter day. You can also control your shades from an app on your smartphone! No worries about installing wiring as these battery-operated blinds and shades work without the need for an electrician and wiring. Plus, they use standard batteries (easy to find no matter where you are) or many shades come with plug-in chargers. Recharge your shades before your trip just like you charge your phone. The good news is your shades should only need to be recharged once a year unless your kids or grandkids like to “play” with the app and raise and lower the shades multiple times a day.

House Boat Window Treatments

House Boat Window Treatments 

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are often recommended for RV’s because of their narrow slat, lightweight design, and durability. While they are very affordable and come in a wide range of colors and slat sizes, they are not as energy-efficient as the other blinds. They are more difficult to raise and lower in wider widths and aluminum blinds can obscure your view when lowered.

Aluminum blinds are easy to adjust for light control, but if you choose a ½ inch or 1-inch slat it will be more difficult to see out because of the number of slats and the narrow field of view between them. Many aluminum blinds do offer finishes that resist dust, stains, scratches, mold and mildew, making them a very durable product for your RV. Although they may clatter more than a roller shade, pleated or cellular shade as you are driving, hold downs are available to keep the bottom rail securely fastened.

Hold-downs for RV Blinds and Shades

Items will move around as you travel the roads on your adventures, so it is a good idea to install tie-downs for your window coverings. Each of these products is available with a tie-down or hold down. This is something to discuss with the window treatment salesperson you are working with before you purchase.

Note: Budget Blinds offers a cellular shade with Smart-Fit technology. Not only are the cords for the top-down/bottom-up feature over to the side enhancing your view, but the bottom shade fastens down to a magnet keeping the shade in place, perfect for travel off-road or bumpy highways!

How to Clean Your RV Blinds

Blinds and shades should be dusted regularly with a soft cloth or feather duster. For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a brush attachment, or use a can of compressed air or a hair dryer on COOL, to blow off dust or debris.

Tip for cleaning debris and bugs out of cellular shades: With the activity inside and outside the RV, plus the comings and goings of family and friends, a few flies or moths are sure to sneak in. If they get in the pockets of your cellular shade, just blow them out with the compressed air or your hairdryer. Remember to use the COOL setting.

To spot clean: Use a soft damp cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water and mild detergent if needed. Blot gently. Do not rub as it may crease the shade. Let dry before you raise the shade.

Planning a road trip?

If you need to update or add new shades or blinds to your RV, give your local Budget Blinds a call. They will bring the samples to you so you can match the colors and style to the interior of your RV. Why not pick something that not only meets your budget and activity needs but is stylish too? After all, you plan to spend a lot of time in your RV, right? Your RV is your “home away from home” so make it comfortable with stylish, functional, energy-efficient window coverings from Budget Blinds! To find your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant and schedule a free consultation click here.

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