Unpredictable 2020 Leads Home Owners To Seek Comfort And Functionality In 2021

2020 reshaped the way we live and work. It abruptly stopped our busy frantic pace and forced us home. What began as an “Oh my, what are we going to do?”, became a “I kind of like all of us being at home!” In a sea of uncertainty, HOME became our oasis. We began to remember why we like being at home. It is comfortable, it is familiar and it makes us feel safe and welcomed.

These emotions and changes to our lifestyle will continue to shape our homes as we approach 2021.  Moving forward the design trends will focus more than ever on our lifestyle and a desire to make home comfortable and functional. For 2021 they are not just “trends”, but truly about the way we live and what we need from our homes going forward. Function and flexibility are the focus. From home offices to larger kitchens and casual dining spaces and multi-purpose family rooms, we need space to gather as a family. We also need comfortable furniture mixed with colors, textures and fabrics that are warm and inviting.

So, what will we see in 2021? Designers are predicting the following color, furniture and home design trends for 2021.

Comfortable Furniture with Practical Durable Fabrics.

Furniture makers had already embraced the move toward performance fabrics and this was accelerated by the events of 2020. Our furniture is being used more than ever and we need upholstery that can handle kids at home 24/7 plus the family pets. Performance fabrics no longer feel like you’re sitting on plastic in a doctor’s office. There are a variety of home performance fabrics that feel comfortable to the touch, yet have the same soil resistant properties of the original commercial grade fabrics. We will see softer curved lines in upholstery, durable high-performance fabrics and overstuffed sofas, lounge chairs and floor pillows.

Woven Shades Living Room Dog

Lighter Woods and a New Color Palette

Lighter woods were trending even before the pandemic, but they will continue to expand into 2021. Being at home all of the time has led us to desire a lighter warmer environment and not one that is filled with dark heavy wood tones. Lighter woods will be trending throughout 2021 from flooring to furniture and wall treatments to cabinetry. Along with the lighter wood tones we will see a move toward lighter and much warmer grays, beiges and creams on interior walls. This earthy color palette is a mood lifter as it connects us with nature and a sense of harmony with the outdoors. Included in this trend are warm metals like copper and bronze as well as natural elements like rattan and wicker. Textured woven wood window shades will continue to be popular in 2021 as they add warmth and texture to a space. Plus, the clean cordless functionality makes it safe and easy to let light in during the day yet provide privacy at night.

Accent colors for 2021 are also inspired by nature, from Sherwin Williams earthy Urbane Bronze to Benjamin Moore’s ocean inspired “Color for 2021” Aegean Teal. Look for additional accent colors in warm spicy tones from reds and oranges to earthy sage greens, warm browns and golden yellows. Blues will also remain strong from deep navy to light blues and all shades in between. Blue is a color that brightens up our home and works well with both grays and browns.

Blue Woven Shades Bedroom

Expanding Kitchens Combined with Gathering Spaces

In 2020 instead of going out to eat we are cooking or eating takeout at home. For many of us we have realized our kitchens are not as functional as they need to be and the layout may not support a family gathering. Also, that rarely used living room is now a combination remote learning space, home theatre and casual dining space. The need for flexibility and functionality as well as a casual and comfortable vibe will be at the forefront of home design and renovation as we move into 2021. Think large kitchen counters and family rooms opening off the kitchen with a larger casual dining table for family gatherings whether it is for game night, to work on homework projects, or to enjoy a meal.

Bright Light Kitchen

Flexible Furniture for Multi-Use Spaces

Think dining room tables with a drop leaf or modular seating that can be rearranged. Our lifestyle is demanding flexibility and a multi-purpose functionality. Layered casual window treatments will trend in 2021 as we need flexibility. Light control or UV filtering solar shades for the daytime keeping that glare off computer screens in home office, or online learning spaces combined with room darkening drapery panels for privacy at night, or transitional shades which give you the best of both worlds with linear horizontal bands of material adjusted for different levels of light or full privacy. Plus, wider louvered shutters allow more view during the day with the addition of hidden tilt control for a cleaner view and more modern styling.

Drapery Panels Dining Room

Embracing Your Own Style is on Trend for 2021

As we have become comfortable at home, it has freed us up to embrace our own style. Trending for 2021 is a sense of customization or individualization. Basically, it is my house for my family, so if we like it, that is all that matters. Less about impressing others and more about making your home reflect your family’s lifestyle and personality. It is turning your backyard into your own oasis or retreat reminiscent of a favorite place you used to travel to or simply filling your home with colors and accessories that make you happy and reflects who you are as a family. This trend includes the over-the-top, full of color and pattern “Grand Millennial” style as well as the other end of the design spectrum a nod to “Cottage Style” blending antiques with soft floral prints or classic plaids. Therefore, 2021 will not be about just one style, but a blending of styles a mix of nostalgia with the clean functional lines of modern life. Or maybe it is just simply about creating spaces where we feel safe and in control. So, in reality home is not just a passing trend, 2020 was a reset and home will remain the center or “hub” of our world for 2021 and beyond.

Patterned Roman Shades Bright Living Room

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