Transforming Homes from Sad to Chic on Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers

Jonathan and Drew Scott, the ever popular Property Brothers, never tire of helping families through one of life’s biggest stresses: moving.  On their weekly hit home improvement TV show, Buying and Selling (currently airing on the W Network in Canada), they help families in transition (and frustration) come out smiling.

For the past two seasons, Budget Blinds® has partnered with the Property Brothers to provide stylish and innovative window coverings to help bring the renovated homes up to “top dollar standard” so they sell quickly. We selected high-quality products from our long-time vendor partners, Springs Window Fashions® for the exquisite custom drapes, Shade-O-Matic® for the versatile faux wood blinds, and Rowley® for the distinctive, decorative drapery hardware used in the following homes.

Divide and conquer

By the time Jonathan and Drew are working with a family, they’ve already spent some time on their own trying to figure out how to sell their existing home and get into a better-suited new home.  Overwhelmed by the process, they finally ask for help, bringing baggage like distrust of contractors, defense of their home and protecting their finances. Since Jonathan and Drew handle the renovation and selling as well as finding and buying a new home, responsibilities are divided to get the best result. Jonathon and Drew trust themselves more than anyone else, so they make the responsibility their own, despite this not being the easiest way to sell a house. If you want to sell your house and have the same issues with contractors as Jonathan and Drew, it may be worth checking out an independent home buying company such as We Buy Houses to avoid the stress of contractors, paperwork, and deadlines.

  • Jonathan, the contractor, makes the existing home renovation happen, on budget.
  • Drew handles the real estate transactions, selling high and (hopefully) buying as low as possible.
  • Budget Blinds provides expert measuring and installation of custom window treatments.

Nyahsa and Hezekiyah:  Faithfully Restored

These once proud and happy homeowners are SO over their fixer-upper “dream house” they had planned to renovate. Contending with shoddy workmanship, their attempts at renovation have left them tapped out on their savings, with a house in sad shape and half-completed repairs. Their dream now is for a move-in-ready home for themselves and their baby. Jonathan determines a complete redo is in order to correct the flaws and, for a time, the family moves out. Drew stretches his creative thinking to finally get Nyahsa and Hezekiyah into a new home they can agree upon.

The neutral white and gray palette of the home is enlivened with colorful drapes, unifying the living room and dining room

The end result is an ultra-chic makeover in shades of gray, whites and subtle accents of yellow, blue and green throughout the house, with floor-length patterned drapes, modern art, sleek furniture styles and an infusion of live plants to bring nature indoors.

Coordinated colours transform the kitchen, dining room and living room into a cohesive space. 2” faux wood blinds in the colour of Ecru were used in the dining room and layered with a bold print, floor-length draperies in Hacienda Sterling that also grace the slider in the living room. The master bedroom went from non-descript to dazzling with white, yellow and splashes of dark neutrals, including blinds layered with floor-length drapes in Lawry Sand at the windows. Sleek drapery rods and plain cap finials in brushed nickel compliment the modern décor. Raj & Vincenza Purnwasi, franchise owners of Budget Blinds Serving Markhamprofessionally measured and expertly installed the window coverings in this home. 

Krystal and Cameron: Cool Character Renovation

Krystal and Cameron are feeling growing pains with a second baby on the way and the desire for a fresher, more modern home with traditional charm. After repeated failed attempts to restyle their existing home filled with heavy wood furniture and too much neutral, they’re longing for a no-fixer-upper that blends their conflicting decorating sensitivities into a home they will both love. Jonathan tackles the challenge of updating the existing home without sacrificing its signature charm, while Drew walks the couple through a process of prioritizing the wish list for the new home.

The bold print drapes create a focal point and are the basis for the room’s blue and white color scheme

Budget Blinds franchise owners, Daryl and Jacqueline Stokes of Budget Blinds Serving South West Toronto, applied their expertise to transform the dining room and living room by installing 2” faux wood blinds in the colour of Ecru, and inverted pleat drapery panels on brushed nickel rods with rings and ball finials. The living room was stylishly modernized with blinds and floor-length drapes in a bold blue and white pattern called Hacienda Moon Flower, with drapes alone on the sliding glass door. The dining room was energized with Asbury Storm (almost electric blue) drapery over new blinds in Ecru that popped with the new white walls. 

Beauty and function in perfect combination

Faux wood blinds and layered draperies are always a winning combination.

  • By themselves, faux wood blinds are stylish and versatile to match any décor. They come in multiple colours and finishes, even emulating the look of real wood.
  • Blinds provide excellent light and privacy control.
  • Faux wood blinds are moisture-resistant and perfect for high humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Layering with drapes increases energy efficiency by adding an extra layer of insulation to combat cold or sun.
  • Draperies add colour, drama, and texture to your space.
  • Most of our window coverings can be motorized for ease of operation and child and pet safety.
  • Whenever you feel the urge to redecorate, just the drapes can be changed out at minimal expense for maximum design result.

Treat yourself to a mini-makeover by freshening up your own window coverings. Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell to update your windows with new blinds, shuttersshades or drapery styles. A Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help you transform your space by designing the windows of your dreams! Call 866-590-6341 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online at http/ to find a Style Consultant near you.

Watch Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers on the W Network in Canada and on HGTV in the U.S. this summer. Check your local TV listings for times in your area.