Top Four Benefits of Home Automation

Technology has accelerated change in just about every aspect of life. A smart home is no longer something from the distant future. From smart TV’s to appliances to lighting, the future is closer than ever. Budget Blinds has partnered with Lutron, the worldwide leader in smart home technology, to offer unparalleled convenience in powering your shades with the touch of a button. Our solutions easily integrate with home automation systems, so you can synchronize your blinds or shades with your lights or thermostat.

So, what is home automation? Simply put, home automation allows homeowners to control their window treatments from a remote access point – like a smartphone app or a centralized unit inside the home. With Lutron’s whole-home wireless automation, your shades open and close at the touch of a button, or at a preselected time of day or night, giving you effortless control with your window coverings. Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, which means installing motorized window treatments will not only help you save on your bills, make your life easier and provide a safer environment for children and pets, it will also make your home more valuable. We have gathered the top four benefits of installing home automation. Check it out!

Child Safety

Raising kids can be challenging, especially in a world with new and rapid-changing technology. Luckily, thanks to smart home technology, making a kid-friendly smart home is easier than ever! Improvements in the safety and functionality of modern window treatments make it easy for parents to enjoy looks that are stylish and best of all, safe for little ones. Motorization means no operational cords for pets or curious children to get tangled in. Your child’s safety is our top priority. Count on Budget Blinds for child-safe window coverings that provide the perfect setting for a fun, playful room. As toddlers grow, so does their curiosity. If overlooked, window treatments can become potential hazards. From cordless child-safe blinds and cordless shades with retractable lifts to motorized shades, we have the safe solutions that minimize the risk of accidents or injury. Thanks to home automation, you can harness the power of your smartphone or hand-held remote to help you take care of your children and simplify your life at the same time.

Our shades, including luxurious pleated shades, can be ordered with a cordless lift or motorized lift, making them an ideal solution for homes with small children. Many of our blinds can also be ordered cordless with our cordless Lift & Lock™ or standard cordless lift system. Budget Blinds adheres to the strict guidelines of the Window Covering Safety Council to ensure all our products meet or exceed all safety requirements. Additionally, all Budget Blinds products meet or exceed the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products.

Privacy and Security

Whether you have a bathroom on the first floor or on the second, closely situated neighbors can require privacy. Hit a switch to lower your window coverings before you head to the shower or at night when you are getting ready for bed. For privacy and protection from harmful UV damage, ensure you and your family have peace of mind with window coverings from Budget Blinds. As a sanctuary from your hectic schedule, your home should reflect a sense of safety and security at all times. From adjustable shades to blinds, we have just the solution so you can enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones in a comfortable setting.

With home automation systems you can simulate presence by scheduling operation of your window treatments while you are away on holidays or business trips, or even when leaving for just one evening or a weekend. If your window coverings are closed 24 hours a day for several days, the house will look vulnerable. Also, you run the risk of coming home to find all your house plants have died from lack of sunlight. With smart home automation, you can automatically adjust some of your window coverings throughout the day or evening to make sure your plants get the sun they need while making sure the shades and blinds are closed at night to keep prying eyes out. With a broad range of window treatments that fuse innovation with trend-forward styling, you and your family can feel at ease any day, any time.


In today’s world, convenience is key! It’s hard to rank the benefits of having motorized blinds or shades in your home, but one benefit that resonates with every homeowner is the convenience factor. With the push of one button, you can control every window covering in the room simultaneously. What a time saver! And those hard to reach windows? Not a problem anymore. You don’t even have to get off that comfy sofa. Motorized window treatments are so simple to operate and fun too! Trade in that alarm clock for a wakeup from mother nature. Set your shades to open and let in the morning light when it is time to get up. Warning— you may start your day off on the right foot, every day!

Motorized window coverings can be opened and closed simply by touching a button, a remote control, or an app on a smartphone. Motorizing your window treatments allows you to automate a repetitive task that is key to the comfort of your home.  Window coverings are a proven way to reduce solar gain and prevent heat loss, and if they are this easy to open and close, it's much more likely you'll remember to do so to benefit you and your environment. Additionally, the ability to set schedules to open and close your window coverings at specific times means you may never have to worry about them at all.

Energy Efficiency

Budget Blinds makes it easy, affordable, and beautiful to enhance energy savings with an outstanding collection of home automated, energy-efficient window treatments. If you thought you had to sacrifice style points for energy-efficient window fashions then think again. Our innovative energy-efficient window coverings provide effective insulation, offering your home increased protection against heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer.

Connecting motorized window treatments to smart home automation can help minimize the amount of energy your HVAC system uses by allowing the blinds and shades to react independently to readings from temperature and sunlight sensors. Your window treatments will know when to close during the hottest part of the day to reduce HVAC usage or whether to open during a sunny day in the winter to allow the sun to heat a room naturally.  These features allow you to use heating or cooling only when you need it for maximum energy efficiency.

Whole home automation for your Budget Blinds window treatments can begin with just a single window or room because Lutron automated shading systems are designed for modular expandability. And as always, our window coverings come with beautiful style and expert service— we measure, install and do it all for you. It’s so easy, and so very, very smart. For more information contact your local Budget Blinds design consultant today!

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