Top Exterior Window Shutter Ideas for Your Home

The exterior of our homes warrants as much time and attention as do our interiors. Think about the number of times you’ve admired a well-maintained home exterior when passing through a neighborhood. Don’t you immediately notice a striking outdoor space when you see it? Wouldn’t you like your home’s exterior to offer an impressive first glance, too, when people pass by or visit you?

White Exterior Shutters on Patio

The exterior of your home presents the first impression of your home to the outside world. To increase its aesthetic and curb appeal, it could take as little as installing a decorative feature like stunning window shutters. To help you enhance the beauty quotient of your exteriors, here are some creative exterior window shutter ideas for your home. Let the journey to your beautiful home begin from the outside!

Stunning Exterior Window Shutter Ideas

Brown Exterior Shutters Outside

To beautify your exterior space, sometimes consider installing new window shutters or replacing old ones. You can choose the material, color, and style for exactly the look you want to achieve. by custom-matching shutters to your distinct style with Budget Blinds. When you’re focusing on beautifying the exteriors, it’s easy to overlook the functionality aspect. To help you pick the right exterior shutters in all respects, including aesthetics, practicality, durability, and security, we’ve compiled a guide with the different types of options available with exterior shutters.

Shutters that Complement the Architectural Style

A common faux pas when it comes to choosing exterior shutters is not considering the architectural style of your home. To create a thoughtfully-designed exterior space, choosing shutters that complement the overall exterior home design is essential.

A home of the Victorian era or classic architecture, for instance, can be fitted with shutters that enhance its classic appeal. Many homes these days are built according to the more Traditional style and they require shutters that exude a timeless appeal. If your home belongs in this category, consider installing Budget Blinds’ exterior shutters with a woodgrain powder coat finish for an authentic appearance. Furthermore, you can choose among four standard powder coat finishes to perfectly match your architectural home design.

For a modern architectural style, consider Budget Blinds’ aluminum exterior shutters in a complementary color. Or if you desire a specific look, you can contact us for an in-home consultation. Our expert design consultants would love to visit your home to understand your specific requirements and customize shutters to ensure they perfectly match your stylistic vision.

Sized Accurately for a Finished Look

Regardless of how stylish your shutters are, if they don’t fit correctly or have gaps and edges that don’t align with your windows, they mar the appearance of your exterior space instead of elevating it. Therefore, to achieve a flawless, finished look, choose a company that places emphasis on quality. Budget Blinds’ trained staff come to your home to not only evaluate your requirements but also to take accurate measurements to precisely fit all your window treatments.

Elevate your Outdoor Space with Our Durable Exterior Shutters

When it comes to exterior shutters, durability is a prime concern since they are continually exposed to the elements like hot sun, rain and cold temperatures. We offer aluminum exterior shutters which are more durable than wood. Moreover, with Budget Blinds’ exterior shutters, you don’t have to compromise on authenticity or style for exceptional durability. Our exterior shutters are available in two woodgrain powder coat finishes if you desire a classic style. Additionally, you can choose from a host of other colors and finishes. For a contemporary look, you can order shutters in a sleek, modern-looking, clear-coat anodized finish.

Consider installing vertical aluminum exterior shutters for partitioning large rooms or enclosing a patio or sunroom. Our vertical aluminum louvers are designed to provide complete privacy when closed and unobstructed views when open.  Vertical exterior shutters are available for special order so talk to your Budget Blinds design consultant if you’re interested in this vertical application. 

With unique design flair that complements your home, exterior shutters can instantly elevate any outdoor space, whether an enclosed balcony, outdoor kitchen, or patio. What makes them further suited to outdoor spaces with high traffic is that they are strong and durable, offering complete peace and security. You can customize your space by choosing from several styles such as hinged, fixed, multi-fold, and sliding panel designs.

Add a Dash of Color with Painted Exterior Shutters

Have you considered exterior window shutter color ideas to greatly enhance the appeal of your exterior space? Experimenting with vibrant colors is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to achieve a distinct look that sets apart your home exterior. Budget Blinds’ exterior shutters are available in a host of colors and finishes. For an elegant look, consider installing white exterior shutters in your outdoor enclosure or patio. For a glamorized appeal, you can pick a color that contrasts with the shade of your home’s exterior. Or you can custom match the color of our exterior shutters to your unique home style. Budget Blinds can provide shutters of the exact color you need to help you achieve the desired effect. We take special pride in bringing your vision to life!

Flaunt Timeless Southern Appeal with Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters deliver a timeless, artisan-style beauty that is unparalleled. Budget Blinds’ Plantation shutters replicate the original southern Plantation shutter design that is unmatched for style. Furthermore, these can be customized to fit your exact specifications, from non-standard window dimensions to blade size and material. They are designed to provide both functionality and durability, with louvers that can be easily controlled for the level of privacy, light, and airflow that you desire at different times of the day. Moreover, the slats, when fully closed, provide insulation and maximum energy efficiency, all while blocking harmful UV rays during the day.

Our versatile Plantation shutters can be used in any outdoor space, including on sliding glass or French doors, as they can hinge and fold with a bi-fold track design.

Beautify your Exterior Space with Budget Blinds

For a uniform look that enhances your overall home design, style your exterior space to complement  the interior. Hopefully our exterior window shutter ideas will help you in achieving the desired outdoor look for a home that attracts a second, and third, glance. 

If you would like help in choosing the right window treatments for your home’s exterior, schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. Our experts would love to visit you and assess your requirements in order to fit your windows with exactly what you need. We can customize exterior shutters with colors and finishes to match your unique style and vision for your home.

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