Tips for Picking Window Coverings for Your Kids’ Bedrooms

Remodeling your tiny tot’s bedroom or, perhaps, furnishing a brand-new playroom? Choosing the right window covering solution for your kids’ space can be challenging as you deal with several legitimate concerns. For instance, will the window treatment block out the early morning light, allowing them to get a full 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Will it provide a child-safe environment? Will it be easy to clean, given that kids tend to touch things with their messy and, at times, sticky fingers? Will it be easy for children to operate?

When it comes to kids’ bedrooms, window treatments must tick on all the functionality aspects and then more. This is because various factors like noise and light can affect their routine. Light control options that allow in natural light during the day and block artificial light from streetlamps to help them sleep soundly at night are a must-have if you want them to have a lovely start to the day. You don’t want to deal with a cranky child in the morning … we all know what that’s like!

Graphic Shades in Bedroom

As you navigate these practicality aspects, no doubt your head is spinning. But while you stay focused on the functionality of a window treatment, don’t compromise on the theme or appearance. What good is a window treatment that doesn’t preserve kids’ playfulness? Window treatments for children’s spaces must ideally be a reflection of their personality and appeal to their sense of fun and adventure at the same time.

This may seem like a tall task, but it’s not when it comes to Budget Blinds. We provide window covering solutions that tick on all the functionality aspects and look amazing! To help simplify your search for the perfect window treatments, we’ve compiled some helpful and easy-breezy tips.

How to Select the Perfect Window Treatments for Your Kid’s Space

Roller Shades in Boys Bedroom

Budget Blinds offers a variety of options for parents and children to pick from. Whether you want to opt for a classic or contemporary style or choose from a stunning array of colors or custom match the shade to your existing home décor, we’ve got you, or rather your windows, covered!

Here we present some fantastic window treatment options of the cordless variety that deliver on all the functionality aspects, allowing you nights free from stress and worry, with the knowledge that your child is safe around them.

 1.       Go Cordless … And Creative with Graphic Shades

Safety and fun go hand in hand with Budget Blinds’ Graphic shades. In the kids’ room, compromising on safety is definitely not an option and neglecting the fun aspect is not an option either.

With regards to safety, dangling cords are a potential hazard around children. Therefore, Budget Blinds’ Graphic shades are available with a motorized lift system, providing a safe environment by eliminating cords. In addition, they block out harmful UV rays, offering protection from the sun. You can choose from a wide range of opacities based on your desired level of light control.

What about the fun aspect? Graphic shades offer limitless possibilities for creating the right theme, be it your kid’s favorite Disney story, superhero, or fantasyland that they’ve always dreamed about. If you have slightly older children, you can customize the shades with photos of their favorite Hollywood stars or even create a collage with favorite photos from their personal album. Or you can simply opt for shades customized to match the décor in your kids’ room.

For children with an artistic bent, you can tailor the shades by applying stunning graphic images or artwork. Rest assured that the high-resolution printing technology that we use features outstanding clarity, detail, and color reproduction. Shades that reflect their personal preference would help create the right ambience in their own little world, away from the outside chaos.

 2.      Interior Shutters for Adaptability 

Shutters are a perfect alternative in rooms for slightly older children as they can easily adapt to their changing requirements over the course of a day. Shutters with louvers can be easily adjusted for different lighting requirements based on the time of the day. They can be shut to filter outside noise (lawnmowers or traffic) and light, greatly enhancing sleep whether at night or during daytime naps. At other times, shutters can be opened to allow in light and airflow and control the outside view, providing the perfect adaptability. In addition, Budget Blinds’ interior shutters come in three different louver sizes -- 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” – so you can pick the one that best meets your lighting and privacy requirements.

For additional insulation against light and extreme temperatures, consider layering drapes over the shutters, which can also increase the style quotient of the room. Being cordless, shutters provide a safe environment and are easy to operate for kids, or they can be motorized for ultimate convenience. In addition, our wood shutters can protect your kids from extreme temperatures with their natural insulation properties, providing energy and cost savings. For custom styling, shutters are available in an impressive array of stains and finishes or can be custom color matched to the bedroom’s existing décor. 

You can have anything from pastels to brightly colored shades or any cheerful hue of your child’s choice. It’s never too early to involve them in the process of decorating their own room for a space they’ll truly enjoy. 

3.       Opt for Easy Cleaning with Our Stain-Resistant Vinyl Blinds 

Vinyl blinds may be just what you’re looking for when it comes to covering windows in your kids’ rooms. Their suitability for kids’ spaces can be attributed to a host of factors. For starters, they’re extremely low maintenance, with ease of cleaning and durability. Budget Blinds’ vinyl blinds are made from stain-resistant and care-free Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). They’re also resistant to moisture. Most importantly, they can block harmful UV rays when closed, offering your little ones protection from the sun. With regard to functionality, they’re extremely versatile, with adaptability to different room lighting conditions. They provide enhanced safety and optimized control of the view with an easy-to-use motorized tilt operating option – again, a perfect fit for children’s’ rooms.

Vinyl blinds also come with cloth tapes that cover gaps for enhanced light control, enabling better sleep. Their versatility extends to style options as well, with limitless possibilities in terms of selecting the perfect color or style. Opt for clean modern lines or embossed vinyl. You can choose from a wide range of fun colors and textures to complement the unique design and furnishings of your child’s bedroom.

 4.      Block Light for Better Sleep with Our Blackout Window Shades

Our blackout window shades provide enhanced room darkening by blocking out morning light for deeper sleep. They are perfect for children’s rooms and nurseries with newborns or toddlers as they can create the ideal sleeping conditions, even during the day.

They also provide maximum protection from harmful UV rays, protecting your child from the harsh sun, especially during summer. In addition, they provide energy efficiency and cost savings by keeping your home cooler during summer and warmer in winter. You can choose from our range of blackout shades that include roller shades, cellular shades, and Roman shades, to name just a few. Choose the required degree of opacity and sun blockage, up to 100%.

Budget Blinds’ blackout shades are available in the latest fabrics, playful fun colors, and prints that reflect the personality of young ones. In addition to shades, Budget Blinds provides blackout drapery panels in a stunning array of trending colors and fabrics. To achieve an overall complementary décor in your kids’ room, choose from a wide range of custom bedding, pillows, rugs, and more.

 5.      Add Softness and Color with Roman Shades

Roman Shades in Nursery

Budget Blinds’ Roman shades are one of the best alternatives for children’s rooms, with soft folds of lovely, cascading fabrics. Consider using them in rooms for older children too as they’re sure to love the elegance of layered fabrics.

Budget Blinds offers Roman shades in myriad styles, latest fabrics, and an impressive array of colors and patterns, making it extremely easy to find one that suits the needs and preferences of children of various ages. The styles range from balloon and tear drop shades to cascading and relaxed folds. With regard to fabric, they come in a stunning and wide range of fun stripes, patterns, jacquards, and silks. Choose a contrasting style and color or custom match these to the existing home decor. To further accentuate the playful look, consider using trim, fringe, or fabric valances with contrasting hues or patterns.

For functionality, Roman shades provide energy efficiency year-round, and for safety and ease of operation, consider cordless or motorized Roman shades.

Picking the right window treatment for your kids’ rooms can be exciting and fun, especially if you involve them in the selection process. They typically love to contribute by helping you choose from a range of beautiful colors and patterns. Besides, when they feel invested in the decision-making, they’re more likely to take a proactive approach in keeping their rooms neat and tidy.

We hope our guide assists you in picking the right windows treatment for your kids’ bedrooms or nurseries. But if you need some help in selecting the right fit, schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with your local Style Consultant, who would love to evaluate your requirements and recommend the perfect custom window covering solution for your kids’ bedroom!

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