Three Ways Shutters Can Increase Your Home’s Value

It seems hard to believe that a certain window covering can increase your home’s value, but it’s true! Window shutters are a classic window treatment that is extremely appealing when installed in a home. There are three important reasons why you should consider installing shutters in your home: curb appeal, provide privacy and security and energy efficiency.

Curb Appeal

For a potential buyer, it is crucial for a home to have curb appeal so it will entice them to purchase your home. Shutters will give your home the “wow” factor that is needed to sell your home. It will give your home a classy look with clean lines. Shutters not only look great on the inside of your home, but they will look wonderful on the outside as well, which will help with your home’s perceived value.  

Provides Privacy and Security

A major benefit of interior shutters is that they offer a great deal of privacy and security. Shutters are custom-made to perfectly fit your windows, leaving no gaps. When shutters are closed, it makes it difficult for someone to see into your home, ensuring ultimate privacy and security. Budget Blinds offers a variety of styles including café shutters which leaves the top of the window open and the bottom closed with shutters, allowing you to have light on the top and privacy on the bottom. The best of both worlds. It is important for you to feel safe in your home and having window treatments that will add extra privacy and security is a major benefit. Lastly, shutters can be motorized to add convenience to your life as well as provide you with instant privacy and security. You can program your shutters to open and close at all times throughout the day, even when you are not home.

Energy Efficiency

A major benefit of having shutters installed in your home is that they are an energy-efficient window treatment. Up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through your windows which can make your energy bill increase because you are using your air conditioning more. No matter what your climate, is it is important to find a window treatment that is energy-efficient so it can help save you money. Shutters are designed with insulation which will help lower your energy bill, a key value for your home. Its design will make indoor spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, keeping your home at an ideal temperature at all times.

These three reasons should help you determine shutters are one of the best window treatments to help increase your home’s value. Budget Blinds is offering you big saving with their Biggest Sale of the Year which is going on now. Call your local Style Consultant for a free in-home consultation and get incredible savings including free invisible Tilt on shutters, free SmartFit, a free cordless option on honeycomb shades and more.

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