The Marc & Mandy Show Talk About the Modern Appeal of Shutters with Budget Blinds

In Canada, over two million viewers join Marc & Mandy every Saturday morning to hear about hot topics ranging from home décor to entertainment. Viewers wake up to the highly energetic duo that makes them perk up and listen. Budget Blinds® has been featured previously on the Marc & Mandy show discussing child-safe window coverings and trending window fashions and, on June 11th, returned for another guest appearance to talk about shutters and the many options and benefits of window shutters. Franchise owner and professional Style Consultant, Sue Swarbrick of Budget Blinds serving Southwest Manitoba, showed Mandy two classic options: wood and composite shutters.

Dark Wood for a Cozy Look

Sue first presents a classic dark wood plantation shutter, which is right on trend and will fit perfect for any style of home. Having dark shutters in your home can add a cozy feel to all your rooms. “It reminds me of having a cup of tea and reading a good book,” Mandy expressed. Budget Blinds offers real wood shutters in three popular louver sizes, 2 ½, 3 ½ and 4 ½, which allow different views to the outside.  Mandy jokes with Sue, asking if she uses the “pull bar” to open and close the shutters. Sue laughed and indicated that you can, but shutters are so easy to use that they can be opened and closed multiple ways.

Generally, shutters have a tilt rod that is used for adjusting the louvres, keeping them in a uniform position when opening and closing. The rod is either in the middle of the shutter, or offset to one side depending on preference. Budget Blinds also offers an “invisible tilt” option, meaning that the tilting mechanism is hidden, so there is no tilt bar and you can open and close the louvers by simply tilting one louver by hand. The benefits of invisible tilt shutters are that they provide a cleaner aesthetic, a more open view, and are simple to operate.

Wooden shutters come in an assortment of stains and finishes, and can be custom color-matched to coordinate with your specific colors and style of décor. Sue explains that shutters operate just like a door, as they are hinged right into the window frame, or they can be hinged on to a unique and beautiful matching trim.  Budget Blinds can customize shutters to fit specialty shaped windows, from arched to round styles, even uniquely slanted windows. Shutters are also a perfect window covering solution for French doors.

White Composite Shutters for an Airy Finish

Sue demonstrates another great option for shutters:  a white composite shutter. Mandy says she loves the dark shutter but, “Nothing beats a great white shutter.” Sue displays a beautiful plantation style shutter that is made out of synthetic polymer materials which create added durability, including resistance to moisture. Composite shutters are a great option when you want the look of real wood shutters but are dealing with different environments, like a moist bathroom or laundry room or a steamy kitchen. Whether you choose composite shutters or real wood shutters, both options provide great light and privacy control.

Additional Benefits

Adding shutters to your windows is not only a fashion statement but can also offer many benefits besides beautifying your home.

  • Energy efficient: their insulating design helps to reduce heat gain and loss in your home.
  • Eco-friendly: Budget Blinds wood shutters are harvested from certified forests to help conserve the environment.
  • Child safe: they have no dangling cords so they make homes safe for children and pets.
  • Add value: they are a permanent fixture. “Realtors will add shutters to a home to add value when on the market,” explained Sue.

Budget Blinds Offers More than Wood and Composite Shutters

Budget Blinds carries an assortment of shutters which gives you unlimited design options.

  • Wood Shutters
  • Composite Shutters
  • Plantation Shutters
  • Interior Shutters
  • Café Shutters
  • Indoor/Outdoor Aluminum Shutters

With shutters, you have plenty of options! Your local Budget Blind Style Consultant can walk you through the differences between shutters and help you make the right selections for all the rooms in your home. Call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find the Style Consultant nearest you.

In Canada, check your local listings for times to catch Budget Blinds on the Marc & Mandy show. U.S. viewers can watch the Budget Blinds’ Marc & Mandy segments on our Expert’s Choice Blog page on our website.

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