The Evolution of Home Automation – Making Your Home “Smart”

Looking to spice up your home with technology? Ever thought you could control your heating and cooling system, lighting, thermostat, blinds, even water faucets all with one simple click?

Smart home technology has quickly become one of the most talked about innovations on the market. Why? Picture this:

You’re driving home from work, ready to get home and unwind. As you’re approaching home, you press a button on your mobile device. This button preps your house for your arrival – it brings up the temperature, puts on your favorite music station, turns on the lights and closes your motorized blinds. Now, that’s a “smart” house. This may seem like something that would never be possible. However, with today’s advanced technology, home automation is now a reality.

Smart Home Apps
In addition to installing high-tech appliances in your home, you can also download applications on your mobile device to automate different features of your home from wherever you may be. Lock the front door, adjust temperature, review surveillance footage and adjust appliances all with the touch of a button. Here are a few of the many applications you can use to make your home “smarter”.

INSTEON home automation technology uses your existing power line and radio frequency communication to control any automated devices from your smart home. The best part? No networking setup is required – all you have to do to link INSTEON products together is simply press and hold their set buttons. Once you set up the INSTEON system, you’ll be able to control security systems, cameras, thermostats, phone systems and more. You can use your smartphone and tablet with the INSTEON hub app to check on the status of your INSTEON home network.

MobiLinc HD allows you to interact with your lights, thermostat, garage, sprinklers, keypads and other devices in your home directly from your iPad. All you have to do is sync your devices with the app, and then you will be able to conveniently control those devices with one simple click.

The Iris Comfort and Control Kit from Lowes allow you to monitor and customize automated devices from the convenience of your tablet or smartphone. Iris will text, call or email you when one of your sensors is triggered at home for added safety. It can keep energy in check by turning off lights and lowering your thermostat remotely when you are away.

In addition to smart home apps, there are simple ways you can save money and energy in your home that you may never have thought of. Here are just a few of the easy ideas:

Motorized Blinds
Motorized blinds have endless benefits, including convenience, energy-efficiency and child safety. Somfy® -powered motorized blinds allow you to control your lighting preferences with a simple click. You can choose from a variety of control options including hand-held remotes and wireless wall switches. Additionally, motorized blinds provide child safety by eliminating dangerous cords.

LED Lighting 
This eco-friendly, energy-efficient technology lasts longer than traditional lighting. LED lighting is also free of toxic chemicals—including mercury—allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Hot Water Heater
Sick of spending a fortune on your monthly utility bill? Traditional water heaters can take up the bulk of the utility bill. Try using a solar water heater instead. You can greatly reduce your energy usage and save on water heating costs. Because you are using the sun’s free energy, a solar water heater is harmless to the environment.

Whether you are looking to install the latest advancements in home security or simply looking for a way to make your home more eco-friendly, there are endless options for you to choose from. Schedule a free in-home consultation from Budget Blinds today to learn more about motorized window coverings and ways you can save money in your home.

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