The Best Window Treatments for Modern Homes

From blinds to shades to drapes, window treatments can add the perfect touch to your home's modern aesthetic. But with so many options to consider, where should you focus your energy? Learn how to choose the best modern window treatments for your home and beautifully tie your interior decor together.

How to create a modern aesthetic in your home

Each individual element in your home combines to create a complete aesthetic. From unique window treatments such as Tableaux to the paint colors to the floor coverings, every component contributes to defining your home's modern aesthetic.

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Although interior colors can make a big impact on the look and feel of your home, creating a cohesive aesthetic goes beyond picking the right shade. Instead, it's just as important to consider patterns, materials and textures.

If you're eager to incorporate what's in style right now, going for a modern look is a great choice. With its mix of geometric patterns and neutral colors, modern decor is designed to achieve balance throughout your home.

How to choose the best window treatments for your home's modern style

You've already given the walls a fresh coat of paint and picked out the furniture. How should you dress the windows? Consider these modern window treatment ideas:

Consider different styles of shades and drapery panels that fit your window frame and can be raised or lowered to let in or block out light.

Or you could go for a more elegant look when choosing drapes —  long fabric panels that extend beyond the window frame and add a soft texture and a wide range of colors to the room.

Motorized options for a modern home

Consider motorized options for increased convenience and versatility. Control your drapes, shades and blinds with devices such as wireless wall switches, timers or handheld remotes.

Benefits of motorization include reducing energy consumption with smart sensors that automatically adjust window coverings according to temperature, preventing your rugs and upholstery from fading, improving privacy and security easily and adding drama to your window treatments.

Why you'll love modern shades

If you want to add a slightly softer touch to your window treatments, it's easy to assume that curtains are your only option. Although drapes can be a great pick for many homes, they certainly aren't your only choice.

Instead, shades offer tons of versatility. With shades, you can dress a window without curtains — or you can add both to create a more layered look. Since modern shades come in a wide range of materials and styles, it's easy to find an option that fits any room.

Pleated shades

Perfect for modern bedrooms, pleated shades come in neutral colors like off-white, gray and beige. They're ideal for creating a calm, quiet space, and they can let in the exact amount of light you want. Lower them from the top or raise them from the bottom for privacy, or choose a pleated-cellular shade combination to add a sheer covering and a little extra light to the room.

Roller shades

When you want to add a bold pattern to the living room or kitchen, roller shades are an excellent choice. This shade style comes in modern patterns with geometric and graphic designs that nicely offset neutral walls and black-and-white artwork. Roller shades are available in solid neutral colors, like black, white and gray.

Roller shades are a great option for modern homes. When paired with custom cornices or drapery panels, they can be the perfect solution for windows of various heights and sizes. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors to complement your decor.

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Roller shades also offer UV protection, which is important for preventing furniture, fabric, floors and artwork from sun damage. You can decide the openness factor for your roller shades, which is the type of weave that determines just how much light is let in or blocked out. Roller shades look sleek and modern, making them a great option for homes with a modern style.

Solar shades

If your exterior view is too good to obscure, solar shades are a great choice. These shades come in several openness levels to diffuse outdoor light and maintain a natural look in the family room or dining room. That means you can add neutral colors that complement your modern wood furniture, and you can enjoy the view without glare or harmful UV rays.

How to pick out modern drapes

Whether you prefer a neutral color or a bold pattern, drapes can add a softer look to your home's modern decor. These floor-to-ceiling fabric panels tend to work best in bedrooms, living rooms and dens, where they can cover more than one window. To choose the right drapes for your room, follow these steps:

Consult with a window treatment expert, like the designers at Budget Blinds, to decide whether to pair drapes with blinds or shades. If you opt for curtains alone, consider choosing a more opaque option for privacy and light blocking. Choose a color and pattern that fits your modern look, from simple gray tones to graphic designs. Consider motorized drapes, which can open and close remotely for added convenience and time savings.

No matter which room you want to decorate, there's a modern window treatment to complete the look. Get a free consultation with our style experts to find the right mix of blinds, shades, drapes and shutters for your modern home.

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