The Best Window Treatments for Mediterranean Style Homes

Mediterranean interior decor brings to mind the peace of the Tuscan countryside or the allure of Mykonos beaches. With its light colors and rich accents, Mediterranean decor has been popular in warm climates for decades. It is a classic style that's easy to update and change. You don't have to worry about it going out of style, either. Learn the staples and the best window treatments, then get ready to redecorate!

What is Mediterranean-style interior decor?

Mediterranean-style interior decor is inspired by the homes and colors of the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. Each country adds its own influence on the Mediterranean style. Spanish influences bring terra cotta and colorful tile, while Morocco brings carved wood and textured fabric. Greek influences are responsible for the bright blues and white walls of the Mediterranean style. Italy offers rounded arches and columns. Once you’ve chosen which color palette and elements fit your style, it's time to customize your Mediterranean interior with window treatments.

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The easiest way to incorporate Mediterranean decor is with white or light sheer curtains. Understatement is a staple of this type of design. If you have white walls, you can choose to accent them by adding natural tones and rich blues in your fabrics. This will make the colors and textures you choose pop. Go for natural wood with antique design elements for your furniture. Try tile with Spanish patterns as a kitchen backsplash or in your bathroom and use terra cotta tiles in your entryway. With the addition of Mediterranean sheer curtains, these elements will make your home feel like you are visiting the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

What are Mediterranean-style window treatments?

Natural light is an important part of Mediterranean design, as it combines outside and inside spaces with open windows and glass doors. For example, the Mediterranean style brings accents of simplicity and sophistication into an otherwise rustic room. Your curtain hardware is the perfect place to bring extra details. Choose a wrought-iron style with scrollwork on the ends for a handcrafted artisan style.

Start with long, sheer curtains

Light-colored sheer or light-filtering curtains are panels that drape to the floor and look beautiful in any Mediterranean-style room. Neutral colors are another popular choice for curtains in the Mediterranean style. Pull them back when you have your windows open and watch them billow in the breeze. It'll feel like you're vacationing on a Greek island while sitting at home. Curtains are also a great way to bring a pop of color into your room, so consider some with a design in olive green mixed with terracotta’s or rich blues.

For bedroom curtains or south-facing windows, we recommend adding a room-darkening liner. Sheer and light-filtering curtains are beautiful, but they may not block enough light or provide enough privacy for your comfort in bedrooms. A liner will take care of that problem while allowing you to keep the smooth look of your breezy Mediterranean curtains. Or add a blackout roller shade behind the sheers, giving you the best of both, light-filtering during the day and privacy at night.

Add an arched valance

Arched windows and doorways are common in Mediterranean architecture. Whether you have arched windows or simply want to create the illusion of arched windows, a custom valance is a perfect solution. We can match your valance to your existing curtains or create a new look for your windows. Another elegant option that accents the arch is a faux iron design. Select from classic Mediterranean designs and a range of colors from a patinaed iron look to burnished bronze.

You don't need to have curtains to put up a valance. Valances pair beautifully with blinds and shutters, too, and can add color and pattern in a room where curtains would be inconvenient, like the kitchen or laundry room. Use a valance atop plain blinds to introduce extra color into your interior.

Insulate with shades, blinds, or shutters

Shades, blinds, and shutters are great solutions that allow you to insulate your windows from heat loss and protect your interior from harmful UV rays. To stay within the Mediterranean style, choose shades, blinds, or shutters in shades of white and natural tones, or go dramatic with black or custom colors. If you'd like to do something slightly different, shades or blinds in earth tones will also look beautiful. You can always choose stained wooden interior shutters to bring in more natural wood, too.

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To maintain Mediterranean windows without compromising on blocking out light when you want, honeycomb window shades are a wonderful option. Because they stack tightly when you push them up, you can barely see them when they're at the top of your window. This feature allows you to preserve the look of bare windows or windows that only have sheer curtains while giving you the freedom to pull the shades down whenever you need to block the sunlight.

Upgrade to the latest technology

Mediterranean design is rustic in look, but it does not need to be rustic in technology. We offer motorization options for our window treatments and can customize this feature to fit your needs. Whether you'd like to use a wall switch or a remote, we can motorize your curtains, shades, blinds, and shutters. Our motorization technology can also be programmed so your window treatments open or shut at specific times of the day.

Bring the beauty of Mediterranean style into your home and to your windows. We have a wide array of window treatments in textures, fabrics, and colors that will bring together your Mediterranean look. Schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation today, and your local design experts will help you choose the perfect window treatments to control light, and privacy with blinds, shades, shutters or drapes.

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