The Best Window Treatments for Dutch Colonial Homes

If you want to install or upgrade window treatments in your Dutch Colonial home, it's important to make a suitable selection. Showcasing your windows in this style can enhance your property's visual impact and increase its resale value. Let's explore a few stylish window treatment options that work well with the Dutch Colonial style.

What is a Dutch Colonial house?

A Dutch Colonial house is a dwelling built in a style that arrived in the U.S. during the 1600s with settlers from the Netherlands. Emerging in states such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, this type of design emulated traditional Dutch houses.Vertical Blinds BedroomHomes in the northeastern United States have used this aesthetic for hundreds of years. Additionally, this classic style continues to inspire people and trigger modern interpretations. There are several architectural and decorative features that distinguish the exteriors and interiors of Dutch Colonial homes.

Exterior features of a Dutch Colonial dwelling

Exterior elements of a Dutch Colonial style home include a gambrel roof, which slopes symmetrically. They typically have doors that divide horizontally, so the top half can be opened for fresh air and the view.

Dutch Colonial homes typically have porches on either side of the house beneath the eaves. Dutch Colonial style homes are famous for their 8-over-8 windows, with arched windows where the gable ends. They also have gable windows and shed or hipped dormers.

Interior features of a Dutch Colonial home

Typically, Dutch Colonial homes are more recognizable due to their exterior features than for their interiors. However, there are several elements that are unique to the interiors of Dutch Colonial houses.

These features include varying focal points instead of the traditional fireplace-centered spaces, and elements that communicate the Dutch aesthetic, such as the use of natural colors and textures. Their interiors support fluidity and harmony and encourage movement between spaces.

Window treatment options for a Dutch Colonial home

There are several window treatments you can choose from for your Dutch Colonial property, such as:

Drapes for a Dutch Colonial home

Tasteful draperies can optimize your comfort and accentuate your home's visual impact. These include drapes, drapery panels, and custom valances.

Choose drapes in neutral colors and avoid bold colors to showcase your home's Dutch aesthetic. You can improve your home's insulation and reduce its energy requirements by placing your drapes over blinds, shades, or shutters.

Order customized panels in durable fabrics with classic elements, such as pinch pleating. Opting for designs with simple lines, floral motifs and natural colors can align your window covering with your home's style.

Add flair with customized, board-mounted valances on your Dutch Colonial windows. Choose from pleated or scalloped styles.

Blinds for a Dutch Colonial home

Consider blinds in durable materials and natural shades for your Dutch Colonial house interior. Stay true to your home’s style by using traditional materials, such as wood or faux wood

Drapes and blinds for a Dutch Colonial home

You can achieve an elegant, appealing style for your Dutch Colonial windows by layering drapes over blinds. By using complementary, luxurious colors and textures, these two covering types can be seamlessly paired.

This combination enables you to enjoy the advantages of both types of window coverings, such as the light-filtering effects of blinds and the room-darkening benefits of lined curtains.

Shades for a Dutch Colonial home

When decorating a Dutch Colonial house interior, choose from shades made with natural fibers, such as flax and jute. Consider cellular shades for your specialty-shaped gable windows with appealing textures that reflect your home's old-world charm. Choose from Roman, woven wood, sheer or solar shades.

Shutters for a Dutch Colonial home

With their adjustable features, shutters can help you control a Dutch Colonial house’s interior sunlight and give you privacy. Consider wood shutters, sourced from sustainable yield forests. Alternatively, you could choose faux wood options.

How to find window treatments for a Dutch Colonial home

Interested in learning how to upgrade your existing window treatments or install new ones in the Dutch Colonial style? Consider the following steps:

Assess property features

The ideal window treatments for Dutch Colonial windows support style features and the home's unique characteristics, such as its access to natural light, interior decor, and room usage.Wood Blinds Living Room LutronFor example, windows in a living room without access to a great deal of natural light can be elevated with sheer curtains.

Choose a reliable window treatment expert

When choosing and installing Dutch Colonial window treatments, work with an expert, such as the design professionals at Budget Blinds.

Choose the best Dutch Colonial window treatments

The ideal window coverings for a Dutch Colonial house interior complement architectural and design elements as well as lighting, privacy, and financial needs. Because Budget Blinds design consultants are local to your area, they are a great resource for helping you decide what kind of window coverings work best on your home.

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