The Best Window Treatments for Bohemian Houses

Building a personal style for your home isn’t easy. Online tools can help filter search results to fit your preferences if you know what you're looking for, but the intricacies of design terms can be confusing and intimidating. What’s the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau? Why is that century-old chair labeled “modernist”? And what is the elusive "Bohemian" style?Roman Shade Bedroom Vadain

What Does it Mean to be "Bohemian"?

Frequently shortened to "boho," this style is all about defying expectations. It has its roots in nineteenth-century Europe, where residents hoped to defy stuffy, bourgeois expectations through artistic expression. Despite starting as the fashion for the "outsider," the trend quickly caught on and has stuck around. The term is now used by clothing retailers, jewelers, and yes, even sellers of home decor.

What Does Bohemian Home Decor Look Like?

Bohemian decor celebrates diverse colors, textures, patterns, and motifs. It incorporates a wide variety of styles and aesthetics, making it the perfect option for someone who likes to mix things up.

Bohemian style draws inspiration from the earthy tones of nature. These more subtle hues allow you to shine — whether through your bright accessories or your personality. It's a style frequently favored by creatives, from writers to artists to musicians. There's only one rule: Don't hold back!

Window Treatments for Bohemian Houses

Eyes are the window to the soul, and windows are the soul of boho decor. Whether you're decorating your entire home or just a room in this way, you owe it to your artistic vision to commit. Fortunately, there are endless window treatment options available to suit your Bohemian tastes. Even unconventionally shaped windows can be accommodated without sacrificing your sense of style. 

Bohemian-Style Materials and Fabrics

Bohemian style gives designers a lot of options in terms of materials. Whether your space calls for blinds or drapes, there's a uniquely boho solution waiting for you.

Wood Blinds and Bamboo Shades

If your Bohemian space focuses on embracing natural inspiration, wood blinds are the perfect match. This traditional material fits into boho style while maintaining a classic look, making redesigns simple.

If you're hoping to branch out, bamboo shades are a fantastic option. Like wood, bamboo is incredibly customizable.  Its unique light filtration adds depth to any room.

Flowing Drapes and Curtains

Another classic element of boho decor is the heavy incorporation of fabrics. From wall tapestries to woven bed runners, drapes are an excellent way to incorporate art styles from all over the world.

When picking out window treatments for your bedroom, drapes made from a thicker material that can fully block out early-morning sunshine is best. For common areas, thinner tapestry materials serve as excellent curtains. You can purchase these window coverings in lighter earth tones associated with boho style or choose more eccentric hues to make a statement.

Getting "Boho" With Your Colors

One of the defining features of Bohemian design is the pairing of earth tones with exciting pops of color. Traditionally, natural colors are used for large background objects like walls, bed frames, coffee tables, and carpeting.

A neutral base lets you be really creative with household accessorizing. Many boho fans gravitate toward jewel tones like bright purples, sparkling blues, or eye-catching greens. Opting for vibrant details makes your room shine in different ways throughout the day.

Balancing Style and Sunlight for Bohemian Homes

The Bohemian style is truly a form of art, and art deserves to be seen! Boho decor stands out best in sunlight, and the last thing you want is to completely cut it off.

On the other hand, commitment to the boho lifestyle shouldn't come at the cost of daytime glare or sleepless nights. Choosing the right window treatment heavily depends on what the room is used for and how much privacy you need.

Instead of resigning yourself to a trade-off, try combining window coverings. You can layer two on one window or mix and match solutions throughout your entire home. Pairing blinds with drapes will give you the best of both worlds.

Budget Blinds Offers Bohemian Window Treatments

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