The Best Christmas Traditions to Start Now

For many of us, long after the gifts are opened and the anticipation of the holidays are gone, the memories of cherished traditions remain. From watching a favorite holiday movie, reading a special book, or using a specific plate for Santa’s cookies, these simple repeated events become family traditions. Events and cherished memories passed on throughout the years from one generation to the next.

For interior designer MA Allen and her adorable children, the Christmas holiday includes a tradition that began when she was a little girl.

“My mom would read “The Night Before Christmas” to my brother, sister and me each Christmas Eve before putting us to bed to anxiously await Santa’s visit. I love being able to continue this tradition with my own children.”

MA Allen Kids Roman Shade.jpg

The Allen siblings gather in the reading nook for this holiday tradition decked out in their Christmas PJs, of course. After the story time, they finish the evening off by placing cookies and (almond) milk out for Santa. The cookies are special and have been decorated by MA’s children at their annual Cookie Decorating Party, which is another special tradition.

MA’s love of table settings is reflected in the adorable table set for the “official” cookie decorating party. Layered with plates and napkins in a charming mix of pattern, accented by the sprinkles and bags of icing, it is a delight for the eyes, as well as a special tradition.

MA Christmas Table.jpg

“As a mom, it’s important to make the holidays memorable, which is why I love facilitating fun activities for the kids while also taking advantage of an opportunity to stretch my creative muscles and inspire my family as they gather around the table.”

As an interior designer, MA Allen, has been recognized for her love and bold use of color. This is evident throughout the family home from the playful colorful pattern on the reading nook Roman Shade, and drapery panels that frame the nook, to the colorful palettes for each child’s room. MA worked with Budget Blinds on the window treatments, an important part of her design process.

“Window treatments really take center stage in our work at MA Allen Interiors. They add beauty and warmth to a space, but most importantly they effectively meet functional needs such as the control of glare, creation of privacy, and even full room darkening when needed. So overall, it’s the ability to layer various treatments to create a highly functional solution to window shading that adds the most value to the home.”

So, this year, start or continue a holiday tradition.

1) Host a Cookie Decorating Party

2) Watch a favorite Christmas Movie

3) Put on your Christmas PJs to ride around looking at lights as a family

4) Go caroling

5) Read a favorite Christmas book

6) Use a special plate for Santa’s cookies

MA Allen Girl with Cookies.jpg

Or as Lula shows us add some carrots for Santa’s reindeer too. Besides, remember it is not how elaborate the event is, it is about time shared with loved ones enjoying simple pleasures and creating memories for years to come!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Budget Blinds and may your New Year be bright and filled with joy.

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