The 2022 Interior Design Trends

The interior design trends for 2022 are going to make you fall in love with your home all over again. Invigorate your indoor space with new colors and accents and bring a fresh sense of belonging into each room. We're excited to help you pull your new looks together with updated, on-trend window treatments.

The 2022 Interior Design Trends

Common aesthetics you'll find in 2022 interior design include warm, inviting interiors. A lot of upcoming design trends aim to evoke the calm we feel when we're in nature by using warm undertones and natural textures. 

Explore these trends by creating a mood board for the rooms you'd like to redecorate. You'll find many creative ways to incorporate these trends into your window treatments and accent pieces without redoing your entire house.2022 Trends BudgetBlinds MoodboardBringing nature inside is big for 2022, whether that means accenting with leaf patterns or adopting more house plants. Texture matters, too, because people want a sensory experience. Because interior design is about touch as well as sight, wool fabrics and woven grasses can be a good choice. 

Curved edges and round shapes are gaining popularity, too, so think about areas you can smooth out some corners. Finally, you'll notice more black accents in 2022, which is an easy trend to incorporate with very little effort.

The latest in window treatment trends

What are the window treatment trends for 2022? Expect to see simple, classic designs updated to fit the contemporary home. People are also letting go of the desire to have everything perfectly matched. Embrace design elements that are complementary but diverse when considering window covering ideas.

Natural colors and textures

In 2022, expect to see a lot of inspiration coming from nature. Color palettes will feature warm landscape colors paired with a variety of greens that lean warm, like moss and olive. Floral and leaf patterns will pair beautifully with your stained-wood or exposed-stone design elements. To incorporate natural hues and patterns in your window treatments, pair a set of drapes with wood blinds or bamboo shades.

Nature comes inside via textures, too. In 2022, evoking multiple sensory experiences with interior design will be on-trend. Textured fabric, especially if it's natural, is one way to incorporate this trend into your window treatments. You don't need to make a big statement with texture; a natural fabric like cotton or linen offers a subtle texture that's pleasing to the eye and to the hands. Customize the fabric and design of your drapes to embrace bringing nature indoors.

Blinds and shades paired with drapery panels

You'll find a combination of traditional and modern elements in trends for blinds and shades. Layering blinds or Roman shades with drapery panels are always a popular choice for the functionality and streamlined appearance of the two together. Because they're understated, Roman shades will fit right in with most existing interior design schemes.

Shades made of woven wood and grasses are another way to bring natural textures to your window treatments. You can find eco-friendly bamboo shades that combine bamboo with other natural materials like grasses, jutes and reeds. These shades layered with drapery panels can bring a sense of simplicity and calmness to any room. Your local Budget Blinds design expert can help you select the right treatments to complement each other.

Check out the different texture and style options; unlined shades let in diffused natural light, while tandem shades give you the option to block out or let in that warm glow.

Sheer panels paired with blackout curtains

Nature isn't the only source of inspiration for interior design trends in 2022. The new year will also bring cheerful, bold colors that offer cheer and positivity. Pull bold colors into your interior by adding colorful shades with blackout lining to your window treatments. Some 2022 interior designers have been using sheer panels and pairing them with blackout curtains or shades

When the light is right, pull the blackout curtains back and let the sheer set hang in front of the window. When it's time to block the sun and increase your privacy and insulation, pull both sets closed for full benefits. 

Sheer window panels come in a variety of shades, but they’re usually muted natural colors. You can incorporate both bold and natural elements into your window treatments by choosing blackout graphic shades with bright colors or with a vine or leaf pattern. You can also use the pattern as a way to evoke natural textures. 

Try a graphic shade or shade made from natural materials with a repeating pattern that makes it look like it's woven from grasses and layer it with sheer shades. If you're still stuck, take cues from your favorite elements in your room. A patterned pillow or decorative accents such as butterflies or feathers can help inspire vertical lines.


2022 trends are focused on function over style. The easiest way to bring function to your window treatments is to motorize them. Smart home window treatments allow you to program how your window coverings are positioned throughout the day. We can retrofit your existing window treatments with motorization to make things easy on you, especially if you've already invested in blinds or shades you love.

What window treatments are out of style?

Cool neutrals, especially grays, are losing popularity as people move away from stark and industrial interiors. Design in 2022 is about being warm and welcoming, so switch your gray curtains out for warm, natural tones or a curved pattern instead. 

You probably won't see a lot of extra frills or fussy elements in the coming years, either. Sometimes things that are too fancy can seem exclusive, which can get in the way of creating a welcoming environment. Plus, too much intricate design can make simple actions like pulling back your curtains more of a hassle.

We hope you've gained inspiration from these design ideas and are ready to bring the best of 2022 into your home. If you'd like assistance with designing your window treatments and exploring custom-fit options, let us help. You can schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation with one of our local design experts who will walk you through all the wonderful products and options we can offer.

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