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Demand for and the expectation that a home will include “smart” features and automation is increasing. Motorized shades and other smart home devices are becoming more common and frequently expected by homeowners. Several factors are aiding this demand. They include:

1) The millennial consumer expects it because technology has been a part of their life since birth. It is second nature to them to use an app; technology is part of everything they do. Don’t forget they grew up with a smartphone!

2) In the window covering business, the expansion of products that do not require hardwiring but instead function with battery-operated or rechargeable motors make it affordable to start with one motorized shade on a hard-to-reach window and then gradually add motorized window treatments incrementally throughout the home.

3) Smartphones and their technology have allowed companies to create apps that work with a range of more affordable products making automation and smart home devices not just for high-end luxury consumers anymore.

Budget Blinds has been at the forefront of the home automation movement, offering products with motorization for many years by partnering with brands like Somfy, who, for over 50 years, have focused on creating innovative products that make life easier for consumers. As Somfy puts it, “Day after day, we imagine what tomorrow's home will look like. We imagine a more comfortable, more responsible, and safer home. Our goal is to create new solutions that improve life and well-being”.bb-8-1-22-P.jpgSomfy’s history reflects that overriding goal and passion for innovation. Beginning in 1969, Somfy designed the first tubular motor, marking an end to the crank handle and allowing electric motors to operate roller shutters, screens, awnings, and blinds.

In 1989, Somfy integrated radio technology into its motors, allowing a single remote to control multiple products.

By 2018, Somfy expanded its partnerships to include integrating with temperature controls, light, music, and virtual assistants creating a connected home experience. And in 2021, Somfy launched their Tahoma Gateway, making it even easier to turn your home into a connected home.

What is the difference between a connected home and a smart home?

In a connected home, devices are “connected” to the internet to exchange information. Internet-connected devices can send and receive data, respond to voice commands, and be controlled remotely by using an homes feature intelligent devices like smart thermostats, doorbells, locks, and smart home appliances. While they too may connect to the internet independently, without the connection to a central hub or voice assistant, they do not coordinate or “connect” with other smart home devices.

Connecting them to the internet via a hub or voice assistant allows the homeowner to use apps to create scenes, for example, controlling the lights and window shades with one command. Alexa, “Turn on goodnight,” now turns off all lights and closes all window treatments with a single command.

In addition, connecting these devices via a “hub” or voice assistant allows consumers to control their shades, whether home or away. This provides safety and security, as it appears someone is home. It also keeps your home comfortable, saving on energy bills and protecting furnishings and flooring from harmful UV rays that will cause fading and deterioration.

The future is here; our homes will continue to become more innovative, smart, and in tune with how we live. Isn't it time to make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient, safe, and secure with motorized window treatments and home automation?

The good news is it doesn’t need to be an overwhelmingly complicated process. Your local Budget Blinds design consultants are trained in the latest innovative smart home technology and offer a range of window treatments to meet your needs for privacy and light control, all while adding value and style to your home.

To get started, schedule a free in-home consultation. Your local Budget Blinds will bring the samples to you with the experience and expertise to help you find the perfect window treatments to turn your home into a connected home. To find your local Budget Blinds visit our website at

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