Should I Choose Faux Wood or Wood Blinds for My Home?

When selecting blinds for your home, you will most often be asked wood or faux. And your answer most often is, “I am not sure…”. While each has its own set of pros and cons, understanding what makes them different will help you choose the right blind for your home.

The main difference between the two blinds is the slat material. One uses natural wood slats and the other has PVC slats. Because of this, a stained wood blind is naturally going to have the depth and beauty of the wood grain. While a “faux wood” PVC blind may try to imitate the wood grain it does not have the natural warmth of a wood blind. So, why would you choose a faux wood blind?

A faux wood blind is a perfect choice if you are wanting a painted finish. Because whether it is a painted wood or faux the importance of wood grain doesn’t matter. It simply looks like a painted blind. If you are looking for a shade of white or gray, you will be able to find a faux that matches your trim. Note: this is where working with a custom blind company like Budget Blinds helps. Box stores often offer only one shade of “white” in their faux wood blinds, whereas your local Budget Blinds design consultant will show you a range of colors to choose from and assist you in finding the perfect one for your home. Best of all, faux wood blinds are often more affordable than wood blinds.

Another reason to choose faux is that the slats are moisture-resistant and work well in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Their affordability and easy clean surface make them a wise choice for kids' rooms too. Plus, Budget Blinds offers cordless options for child safety.

Faux Wood Blinds Bathroom Article

Now with all of the great qualities of a faux wood blind, why would you choose a wood blind? While faux slats are durable and moisture-resistant, they are actually heavier than wood slats. This can limit the width of the blind, making it necessary to divide it into two blinds on wider windows. Whereas, with the lighter weight wood blinds, you can cover large windows with one single blind. Due to the added weight faux blinds can be difficult to lift, so if you like to raise your blinds each morning, wood blinds are a much better option.

Most of all, there is just no way to match the warmth and richness of a wood blind in a PVC product. Have beautiful wood beams or stained trim in your home? Go with a wood blind.

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The good news is, you can choose to mix and match. Try rich wood blinds in your family room or study and choose practical faux wood for the kid’s rooms and bathrooms. Blinds are an affordable option that can add value to your home for years to come. Don’t settle for off the shelf stock blinds, order custom blinds made to fit your windows and in colors that match your trim.

Now that you understand the difference between faux and wood blinds, you will feel good about which one is the right choice for you and your home!

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