Pros and Cons of Bamboo Roller Blinds

You have seen them often in boho style rooms, those bamboo blinds that roll up. The question is how do they work and are they the right choice for your boho décor?Bamboo Shades Article

What is a bamboo roller blind?

It is a shade that rolls up and ties into position. Usually, unlined. It is often loosely constructed out of bamboo slats and has to be tied into place to hold its position.

Because of the way a bamboo roller blind is constructed there are some pros and cons.

The pros:

Bamboo blinds are generally purchased off the shelf in stock sizes making them very affordable.

The cons:

Because of the way the bamboo shade operates it is difficult to use, especially if you want to raise and lower it daily. The shade really functions best if left tied up for more of a decorative look.

The cords are a hazard. Normally sized for doors or large windows, bamboo roller shades have a long cord that is designed to tie up the shade. The length of this cord poses a hazard to children and pets.

Another con of bamboo roller blinds is their loose weave and that they come unlined. The lack of lining and the looseness of the constructed material provide very little if any privacy. This becomes a problem especially if blinds are in a bedroom.

The solution?

Custom bamboo shades with options for lining and cordless controls.

Pros and Cons of Custom Bamboo Shades

First of all, there are more material choices!

Custom offers an array of materials, weaves and colors. Often called natural or woven wood shades, custom bamboo shades are made from a range of eco-friendly materials including jute, grasses and reeds. You are not limited to just classic bamboo in its shades of brown and gold. You can choose from materials in shades of white, grey, tan and even blues and greens.

Boho Chic Woven Shades

There are different styles

With custom bamboo shades you can choose from a waterfall style off the front of the headrail or a shade that falls off the back with a front valance. The depth of your window will determine which style will give you the most light control and privacy. It is best to have a professional measure and advise you. That’s where your local Budget Blinds can help!

You can choose a lining

Another benefit with custom is you have the choice to add a lining. You can choose between light filtering or blackout. The linings also come in different colors which can enhance or accent the shade material. It is important to see these combinations in your window. That’s why your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant brings the samples to your home and helps you select the perfect one for your needs and style.

You have child safe control options

Most importantly, custom bamboo shades are available with cordless options. Not dangling cords creating a safety hazard for pets and children! Have a difficult window to reach? Motorization options are also available.

Living With Landyn Woven Shade

We install and guarantee them

And last but not least, we give you complete peace of mind by doing it all for you! From guiding you through product selection to measuring and installing, Budget Blinds takes care of it. On top of the full service from your local design consultant, your bamboo shades are backed by our outstanding vendor warranties including our industry leading 5-Year No-Questions-Asked.

Ready to add some boho style to your home? Bamboo shades are the perfect way to add texture to any room. To find your local Budget Blinds consultant enter your zip code at

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