Promoting Child-Safe Blinds and Shades on the Marc & Mandy Show

Child-safe window coverings is a major safety issue for parents today, and Mandy, of the Marc & Mandy show, one of Canada’s premier lifestyle shows, shares this concern…and solutions …with her two million weekly viewers:

  • As a new mom, her child’s safety is always top of mind
  • An unexpected source of potential danger can come from your window coverings
  • Budget Blinds® offers child-safe blinds and shades in trending styles

As a featured guest on the March 12 program, Tracy Christman, Budget Blinds Vice President and purveyor of all things window fashions, talked about the many safety features available with Budget Blinds, as well as design trends to keep your home stylish and safe for your family. Click here to view the Window Coverings Design Safety Tips: Marc & Mandy Show on our blog page.

Window Blinds for Efficiency and Child Safety

Cordless wood blinds make this family room/playroom child safe and 100% functional to control light and privacy; motorization would add the ultimate convenience

Window blinds are ever-popular window treatment, giving energy efficiency and light and privacy control with adjustable louvers (slats). Tracy demonstrates three different styles of blinds with cordless lift features that make them safe around children and pets.

  • Faux wood blinds come in a wide range of colors and finishes. With their moisture- resistant composition, they are appropriate for any room in your home, including bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms where humidity can be an issue. A cordless lift makes them ideal for homes with children as there are no dangling cords to entice curious little people. Blinds are raised and lowered by hand, with smooth operation.
  • Natural wood blinds have louvered control as well as a cordless lift option. Tracy demonstrated wood blinds with a textured, rustic finish, operating the louvers and showing the ease of cordless lift operation. Without dangling cords, wood blinds are safe for a child’s bedroom or playroom, as well as the family room where everyone hangs out.
  • Motorized fabric blinds with Virtual CordTM remote control brought oohs and aahs from the audience, and from Mandy herself. The “magic” of button-touch remote control raised and lowered these blinds from our exclusive Signature Series® Laughing, Tracy declared, “[This] is totally Marc, can you see it…Bam!” Mandy agreed, “He’s all about the gadgets; I think this will be his favorite.

Child-safe Cordless Shades Offer Exceptional Style

Demonstrating the three shades with the cordless wand that operates the shade from behind for complete child safety


Window shades bring the beauty and texture of fabric to your windows. Shades range from sheer to light filtering to opaque, including natural fibers like woven woods and bamboo. With fabric, you have the excitement of limitless colors and patterns to choose from. Tracy brought three different styles to not only highlight safety features, but to show some trending home fashions.

  • Woven wood shades invite you to reach out and touch the exquisite texture. To raise or lower, this shade has cordless, battery-operated wand control behind the shade, hidden from view and inoperable for a child. The edge banding in a drapery pattern adds a high-end finish to the shade, and makes an ideal companion to layered drapery panels, which can also be cordless with grommet or ring attachment or motorized styles.
  • Flat Roman shades in two different fabrics illustrate trending window fashions. One is a subtle, metallic embossed design in white-on-white tones that gives a soft, elegant look. Cordless operation, it creates even folds at the top (the stack,) like a valance, when the shade is up.
  • The last Roman shade, also child-safe cordless, is a bold, geometric print in one of this season’s hottest colors. No longer just an accent color, orange has gone mainstream and will give your windows dramatic impact. As Mandy points out, windows are no longer “just behind,” they are fashion-forward statements for your home décor.

Budget Blinds Advocates for Child Safety

Budget Blinds works with manufacturers and suppliers who share the industry’s concerns for child safety in window coverings, including education for consumers so they can make wise choices. Our franchise owners are trained professionals as regards child safety and can be a valuable resource and guide for what will best serve the needs of your family. Along with cordless lift, there are other options for child-safe window coverings:

  • Battery-operated wand control
  • Shutters are always a cordless option
  • Cord cleats secure cords and make them inaccessible to children and pets
  • Manual operation drapery panels with grommets or rings slide on the rods so there are no cords
  • Somfy® motorization can make practically any window covering cordless, affording convenience, safety, and accessibility for hard-to-reach windows

On average, one child a month under the age of five dies from window cord strangulation. It happens quickly, so be proactive in accessing danger, including in restaurants, day care centers, even friends’ and family’s homes. At the very least, loose cords should be tied or pinned up out of reach when little ones are present. For additional tips on making your home safer, see our blog from National Window Covering Safety Month 2015:  Promoting Child Safety with Stylish Window Treatments.

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