New Year, New Friends, New Drapes

Do you have a special friend you call when you need help accessorizing a new dress or deciding what spices are best for grilling Salmon? Such a friend is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Pinterest and Instagram may offer unlimited ideas, but nothing can take the place of good conversation over a cup of coffee as you tackle a challenge!

If your New Year’s resolutions include new drapes and you’re overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of window coverings design, maybe it’s time to call a new friend. Your friendly Budget Blinds® Style Consultant will be happy to help! With a free, in-home consultation, you’ll get the professional expertise you need to feel fully confident about updating your windows using innovative styles, contemporary fabrics and unique finishes and colors.

Get a professional designer without the designer cost

Budget Blinds Style Consultants are professionals who stay current with the latest home fashion trends through ongoing education and training, including window blinds smart home systems (motorization), child-safe window coverings, energy efficiency, specialty drapery design and custom soft treatments. They know how to translate your dreams of stylish, functional windows into reality.

  • You’ll be asked defining questions so your personal preferences guide the design process, ensuring that the finished product is perfect for you.
  • The national buying power of Budget Blinds means that you get the highest quality products at the lowest possible price, making sticking with a budget a very doable thing.
  • You’ll have availability of exclusive brands with our Signature Series® and Inspired Drapes® products lines.
  • Redo one or two rooms at a time, the whole house, or work in layers–blinds or shades in first, then add drapery panels or decorative toppers like valances or cornice boxes.
  • Your Style Consultant is a local business owner, so you’re assured of ongoing support.
  • Professional measuring and expert installation ensure a perfect fit for every window covering.
  • Add custom accessories like coordinating pillows, bedding, and rugs for a finishing touch.

You may find that your Budget Blinds Style Consultant may just become a great new friend for all things home design!

Restyle your home with new window coverings

New window coverings are an easy way to make a huge impact when you’re looking to redecorate. In fact, they may be all that you need to completely transform your home with a fresh, new style. Window treatments are no longer just a backdrop for other furnishings. With vibrant colors, tantalizing textures and dramatic patterns they can take center stage and turn your windows into art, defining a color scheme, unifying your decor or livening up space. You’ll find that with our extensive collections of custom blinds, shutters, shades, drapes, and decorative drapery hardware, the only design limitation is your own imagination.

Check out these decorating trends for 2016 and consider the creative possibilities:

  • Floral patterns and stripes are gaining popularity, along with patterns and motifs in natural elements, like insects, leaves, feathers, and branches
  • Geometric shapes are becoming more abstract
  • Pastels are moving to the forefront, in paler, grayer versions
  • Mixing patterns is the height of home fashion
  • Modern and vintage styles play well together
  • Combinations of matte and gloss finishes provide contrast
  • Surface texture adds dimension to textiles, metals, wood
  • Mixed metals in decorative hardware and accessories create unique effects

Elevate your unique style with layering

Just as a favorite outfit benefits from stylish layerings such as adding a jacket, scarf, and jewelry, so your windows can be dressed up with layers.  If this is a new concept for you, here is a picture tutorial to illustrate how layering can “dress up” the look of a room.

  • Starting with motorized cellular shades in a unique print to add visual interest with various shades of grey, you get complete privacy when these shades are closed.
  • Adding floor-to-ceiling drapery panels in warm contrast to the grey window shades. The soft drapery fabric adds softness to the hard lines and creates a very high-end finished look that is very cohesive with the room’s furnishings.
  • Hanging drapery from same color hardware placed at the ceiling line emphasizes room height and creates architectural elements to add visual interest to an otherwise flat surface.

Your New Year with new drapes–and a new friend in window coverings–is just a phone call away! Call 888-771-2532 today to schedule a free, in-home consultation, or go to to the find the Budget Blinds Style Consultant near you.  View our online Inspired Drapes Lookbook for beautiful inspiration on fashionable soft window treatments and scroll through image galleries for window blinds, shutters, shades, curtains and draperies, window film, solar shades and more.

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