Movie Night? Window Treatments for Home Theaters

With on-demand streaming, it’s easier to watch movies in your home than ever before. But even when the popcorn has popped and the blankets are ready, distractions from outside can ruin the moment. From the sun's glare to the headlights of a passing car, exterior light can make it difficult to see your screen. 

Fortunately, Budget Blinds offers several options when it comes to keeping light out of your home theater. From velvet curtains like those in a theater to tinted window films to modern shades, there are plenty of possibilities to suit your personal decorating preferences.  


Blackout Shades are the Best Option for Home Theaters

Movie Threatre Shades

If your movie theater room is also your living room or entertainment room, keeping it dark all the time probably won't make sense. If you don't love the idea of opening and closing thick, heavy curtains, sleek, modern shades may be a simpler and more stylish choice.

Choosing shades over curtains doesn't have to mean sacrificing the dark home theater you've always wanted. From sunlight to streetlights, blackout shades are designed to block almost all light when professionally measured and customized to windows, making it feel like you're in a windowless theater at any time of day or night. You can even get motorized shades that use the Lutron smart home system to open and close at the touch of a button.  

How to Use Blackout Shades to Completely Black Out a Window

Black Movie Theatre

From trendy and chic to simple and sleek, our custom window shades come in countless styles and are sized to perfectly fit any large or small window in your home theater. No matter what style of blackout shades you choose, it's important to make sure they’re opaque enough to completely block out light. 

You might expect dark shades to offer the best coverage, but any color will work as long as the material is completely opaque. Instead, use colors to create a mood. Cream, light gray, and pastels will create an airy feeling, while black, dark brown, or navy shades make for a more classic theater environment. 

Although blackout shades will usually do the trick on their own, they may need a little extra help in especially bright situations. If you live on a brightly-lit street or watch the majority of your movies during the day, it can help to supplement them with window tinting or a second layer of opaque fabric. If you have roller shades, side rails can also be installed to block any light that might seep in around the edges.

Styles of Blackout Shades 

Although there is no one right answer when it comes to determining the best style of blackout shades, make sure that your home theater's new shades are both attractive and able to meet the lighting needs of your area.

Whether you're interested in Cellular shades, Roman shades, or something else, make sure to specify that you want 100% opacity to completely black out the windows of your home theater. Many styles can be customized to meet the specific level of opaqueness that you need, or come with several options that you can adjust on your own. 

Your new home theater is sure to provide years of entertainment, but only if you can keep out headlights, sunshine, and other intrusions. Budget Blinds is always here to help you choose the perfect size, style, and color of blackout window coverings that will look right in your home theater. Contact us today to learn more about our blackout window treatments or to schedule a free consultation.

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