Mixing Patterns and Colors With White

Nothing says bright, fresh and clean as white. This versatile neutral works well in a variety of color schemes and design styles, and it’s hardly sterile and boring. Yes, it can seem intimidating to mix patterns and colors, but it’s actually quite easy. Limit the use of patterns to just a few simple elements in your home décor. Budget Blinds has put together a list of how to mix and match white with other colors and patterns. Keep reading to learn more!

Accent Pieces

White is a popular color to use as the feature color in a home because it goes with everything! If the room you are working with has white walls and you are looking to add a little pop of color, try adding accent pieces of different patterns and textures. Throw pillows are a great way to add a little color without overwhelming the space. Choose from a variety of fabrics to bring personality to the room. Another way to add dimension to an all-white room is choosing furniture with some color. You can do different shades of neutral or go bold with a fun color as a statement piece. Adding artwork and colorful books is another easy way to brighten up a room without it being overwhelming.

Window Treatments

Have fun with your window treatments to add pattern and color to a room. When you have white walls and neutral furniture, the sky’s the limit when it comes to shades, shutters, blinds, and draperies. Add warmth with dark wood plantation shutters or a subtle pop of color with floral draperies. Budget Blinds has an array of window treatments to choose from that will complement any style and home décor.

Different Shades of White

Use a variety of shades of white in a room to help it feel comfortable and fresh, rather than rigid and sterile. Try incorporating the palest of grays on the walls or with accent furniture to add depth. Mix pure white elements with creamy and warmer white tones to create an inviting space. If you have all white furniture, consider adding pillows that have texture and slightly different shades of white to add contrast. Another great option for this space would be a wooden coffee table with a few small colorful accessories that still lets the white scheme take center stage.

Area Rug

White creates the ultimate clean, crisp setting in a home. If you are looking to add a little color, pattern or texture to a room but don’t want to lose that comfy all-white feel, try adding an area rug. It adds depth without taking away from the style you are trying to achieve. A rug is a perfect way to give an all-white room an eye-catching element.

Add Greenery

Green is big this year, but why not add the color naturally? Filling your all-white room with lots of indoor plants provide a pop of color and feel incredibly fresh and airy. Try using plants as your only source of color, giving a room a lively feel without being overwhelming.

Still afraid to use color in your home? Don’t be! We hope that you found these tips helpful as you start your next home project.  Combining patterns, textures and prints are a simple means of transforming or updating any all-white room in your home. For all questions you may have for how to choose the perfect window treatments, throw pillows, bedding or area rugs don’t hesitate to call your local Budget Blinds style consultant.

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