Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Getaway

Summer is about going on tropical vacations, hosting backyard barbeques and enjoying the quality family time. However, a vacation isn’t always realistic with all the craziness that comes with summertime. By making your bedroom a romantic getaway you will have a place to escape for a much-needed relaxing oasis. Quiet, uninterrupted time with yourself or your partner can be a real treat and a necessity. But, sometimes the wrong design and style choices prevent your bedroom from being soothing, romantic or relaxing, despite your best efforts. Budget Blinds is here to help with some ideas on how to turn your master bedroom into the perfect relaxing getaway.


Your bedding is one of the most important parts in creating a romantic and relaxing place to retreat too. For a romantic feel, imagine a bed at a beautiful vacation resort. Whatever you picture is what you should try to recreate, whether you prefer beautiful, soft white linens or plush colorful ones, and make sure to add plenty of soft pillows and blankets. That way you don’t have to spend money to go on vacation, you’ve created the perfect getaway spot in your own bedroom.


With the right lighting, you can create the ultimate romantic retreat. Candles are a must-have if you want to create a relaxing ambiance. Even during the day when the candles aren’t lit, they make all the difference turning an ordinary room into an elegant, romantic space. Also, you may consider using textured lampshades or a chandelier hanging from the ceiling for the perfect dim environment.   

Wall Color

To help make your bedroom the ultimate getaway, you want to have the perfect color on your walls. For modern, stylish bedrooms, neutral colors are highly recommended. Creating a light and airy feel that will give you a refreshing feeling. However, if you are looking to create a more romantic environment try a deep, rich color. Have fun with paint colors that speak to you and your spouse’s personality!

 Window Treatments


Depending on your style, choose window treatments that compliment your ideal bedroom oasis. If your romantic getaway is one with white, airy linens and lots of lights, then maybe add long draperies to your windows to complete the look. If you decided on deep colors and a darker ambiance, then we would recommend blinds that help shut out the natural light when you need them too. They are offered in a variety of rich wood or faux wood tones that will compliment any color you choose to paint your walls.  

Bedroom Essentials

To make your new romantic bedroom truly feel like a getaway, consider adding a few luxury essentials. Have soft robes hanging in your bathroom for you and your partner to enjoy, some bath salts to set the ultimate relaxing mood after a long day, artwork that compliments your style, fresh flowers for the nightstand, a way to play music and any other accent pieces you find that are unique to your personality and your home.

With these simple steps, you can turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat and look forward to going to bed every night. We hope these tips from Budget Blinds help you create a special place to spend romantic time with your partner, or just relax and kick back by yourself. For help with any window treatment needs, let us help select the perfect draperiesshadesshutters or blinds for your home! And for more great ideas to help you with home design or to answer any questions contact your local style consultant today!

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