Life-changing Forever Homes Support Severely Injured Veterans

Life-changing Forever Homes Support Severely Injured Veterans

Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a nonprofit organization that has been building specially adapted, mortgage-free homes for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans since 2004. Budget Blinds® became a corporate partner with HFOT in 2014, installing custom faux wood blinds in every build since. With the Budget Blinds network of franchise owners from coast to coast and the generous support of our manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions who provides the blinds, we have helped to welcome 160 Veterans, and their families, home!

Homes For Our TroopsBackyard view showing the surround sidewalk that gives each Veteran 360o safe access to his home and yard

Supporting our heroes

The mission of HFOT is to place Veterans into homes that will enable them to continue recovery and rebuild their lives. The design of these homes is geared to restoring some of the freedom and independence lost as a result of military service that resulted in catastrophic injuries like paralysis, amputations, burns, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, blindness, and loss of hearing. Homes that are safe, secure, and accessible throughout enable them to more readily provide self-care, care for their families, go to school, get degrees, start businesses, and extend support to their local communities and other Veterans. Budget Blinds is honored to be a part of this mission that changes lives every day and helps to build brighter futures.

Remote Controlled BlindsRemote controlled blinds in the master bath eliminates the risk reaching over the tub to adjust for light and privacy preferences

Our custom blinds contribute beauty and style with classic white faux wood blinds that will not peel or fade in the sun, providing comfort and years of worry-free operation. Important benefits include durability and functionality, light and privacy control, increased energy efficiency, and the ultimate convenience of one-touch-control motorized blinds in the master bath for added safety. The Budget Blinds commitment and partnership is only possible because of the amazing franchise owners who give time and expertise to ensure that every HFOT home, for every deserving hero, has professionally installed custom blinds.

Meet Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Field 

Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 David FieldCWO3 David Field joined the military right after high school in the late 1980s, inspired by his father’s Navy service. As a self-proclaimed “smart-aleck 18-year-old,” he chose the Marines for direction and opportunity to become a better person. He served for 22 years, enjoying the camaraderie and lifelong friendships he formed. First time in combat was in 1991 during Desert Storm and later deployments included 2003 in Iraq and 2009 in Afghanistan. David retired in 2013 and two years later began experiencing mobility issues. In 2017, he was diagnosed with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) due to exposure to chemicals during his time in Iraq, and eventually became confined to a wheelchair.

Before his diagnosis, David was an avid runner and cyclist who completed almost 20 marathons and several triathlons. As his symptoms progressed and he could not run or ride, he competed in almost every sport available in a wheelchair. He now enjoys listening to music, reading, and spending time with other Veterans. His sister, Terri, is his primary caregiver and the new specially adapted HFOT home will enable him to have fulltime medical care as well as provide freedom and independence to do more things, such as host holiday gatherings for family and friends. He’s excited about the roll-in shower, widened doorways, and ceiling rail lift system that will enable him to do things on his own. He says, “There is so much in this house that is breathtaking, that they’ve been able to think about and design. So, it is so much more enjoyable than I would’ve ever experienced without it. Having a house that is completely level, no bumps, nothing that I have to maneuver over is, again, breathtaking. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful there are organizations and supporters focused on improving the lives of Veterans.”

Ribbon Cutting CeremonyRibbon cutting took a new turn when David joyously “cut the ribbon” with his wheelchair to celebrate getting his new home; no scissors involved

This is the second HFOT home for franchise owners Gary and Mindy Decker of Budget Blinds serving Rocklin. They were happy to again donate their time and expertise to measure and install the custom blinds throughout David’s home. Gary spoke at the Key Ceremony when the home was awarded and here are some of his comments: “Thank you, David, for your service. It’s such an honor to be here for not only David but all of the veterans, servicemen, police officers and sheriffs, everyone who serves our country, thank you. Budget Blinds has been involved in the HFOT project since 2014. We are a national partner and have done work here locally and around the county. Budget Blinds has donated to about 160 homes. I stand here representing the many Budget Blinds franchise owners across the country, over a thousand of them. If they were standing here, they would say the same thing, that we’re humbled, honored, and it’s a pleasure to be a part of this organization. We offer such a small part, I feel, but our bit of effort with enough contractors and enough people, we’re proud to be able to put this home together for you, David, and we hope that you have years of bringing in friends and family. We’re so happy to be a part of this group and we want to welcome you home.”

You can experience all the excitement and magic of David’s Key Ceremony here.

Meet Army Sergeant Adam Poppenhouse

Army Sergeant Adam PoppenhouseArmy Sergeant Adam Poppenhouse was on his first deployment in Iraq, in 2006, on a mission to secure a crash site and rescue a pilot when his 20-ton tank was thrown almost 300 feet by a command-detonated IED (improvised explosive device). The blast resulted in the eventual loss of both his legs. He says he was thankful to be alive but scared about what the future was going to hold. Through aggressive physical therapy, rehabilitation, and mastering prosthetics, he regained an active lifestyle. Previously a professional golfer, Adam is now involved with organizations that promote adaptive sports for injured Veterans, including Salute Military Golf Association and Resilience Racing.

His uncertain future also held love and family. He met his wife, Megan, in a bar and he says, “We talked and danced all night. She was spinning me around in my wheelchair. We hit it off, she’s a free spirit and makes everybody happy around her.” They have three young sons and Megan shares, “He has an amazing outlook on life, nothing can stop him, and I love that.” Together they have started a real estate investment business and work with local homeless shelters to facilitate activities with children.

They were referred to HFOT by a fellow injured Veteran and house recipient and are very excited about their new specially adapted, forever home in Las Vegas. Adam is looking forward to having wheelchair access to the entire home, a safe and functional shower, and the opportunity to feel comfortable, safe, and productive. He’ll be able to participate in everyday family life more, taking care of his children and helping out around the house. Adam shares, “Being accepted into the Homes For Our Troops program is humbling but also incredibly exciting. They are very genuine, no expectation and no exploitation. It’s a fantastic organization.”

ReminiscingReminiscing about how they met makes for happy times ahead in the new home

This is the first HFOT home for Cameron and Josie Gentry, franchise owners of Budget Blinds of Las Vegas. They and their team were ready to spring into action when they got the notification of a home being built in their territory: “Yes, we are in!” They donated time and expertise to expertly measure and install custom blinds throughout the home with motorized blinds in the master bath for added convenience and security. Their contribution adds beauty, comfort, and economy to Adam’s forever home.

Hear more of Adam and Megan’s story by clicking here.

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  • Learn more about HFOT and how lives are changed with these incredible homes. Read the 2021 Annual Impact Report for a message from President and CEO Tom Landwermeyer, Brigadier General, USA Retired, and statistics like this one: Over 95% of Veterans have seen a reduction in household stress.

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