Is Minimalism Good for You and Your Home?

As we mentioned in our recent blog post What is Minimalist Design? minimalism is the intentional choice to live with less. In this article, we explore the benefits of living in a home with minimalist design elements, and ask the question is minimalism good for you?

There are five clear benefits to a home with minimalist design:

1) No More Clutter

2) Order

3) Calmness

4) Room to Breathe

5) Time to Enjoy

No More Clutter in Minimalist Design

The #1 benefit of minimalism is no clutter. Minimal Design by nature, is not a cluttered look, but one that is simple, clean, and curated. By curated, we mean there are a few carefully selected décor items that add texture and interest, but the room is not cluttered with accessories or décor.

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Order Throughout Your Home

Because Minimal Design is not cluttered, it is also not chaotic. Along with the choice to live with less, is the choice for order. The result? No more digging through piles of paper or clothing to find what you need, and it gives your home an order and calmness.

A Sense of Calmness

The order and everything in its place, results in a sense of calmness throughout the home. Psychological studies have shown that clutter increases stress. Therefore, removing the clutter removes the stress that a messy home, or piles of laundry to fold, or stacks of paper and “stuff” brings.

Room To Breathe

Less “stuff” and less clutter give you more space, both visually and physically. The calmness of a clean curated look, allows you to relax and the openness it creates in a space, allows you to breathe. In a room with carefully selected items and an uncluttered openness to it, you feel relaxed, not closed in or overwhelmed with “piles” of things to sort or put away!

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Time To Enjoy

On top of room to breathe, more space, and less clutter, you will have more time to enjoy family life or entertaining at home. Less clutter means less time spent picking up before you clean and less time searching for items. This extra time allows you to enjoy your home and family time, after all you have plenty of places to sit because the sofa or chair is no longer piled with clothes!

As you start your decluttering process, if you notice those overly ruffled valances, or heavy drapes leftover from the 80’s or 90’s is part of your clutter, maybe it’s time to update your window treatments! Modern upgrades like motorization and changes to classics like blinds and shades allow for cordless operation. Cordless lift or motorization gives you a clean, safe, modern look. Or try a streamlined cornice for a more modern look over your blinds or shades. Drapery panels in modern styles like grommet or wave/ripple-fold can also replace overly embellished or heavy layered draperies with clean lines and modern style.

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