Is It Time to Replace Your Window Coverings?

When it's time to spruce up a home, most people think of the obvious things—a fresh coat of paint, new furniture pieces, throw pillows, or a new rug. However, when was the last time you took a close look at your window treatments? Window coverings, just as other parts of your home, need updating from time to time. However, sometimes, it's unclear when it's the right time to replace your window coverings. Here's a list of 9 reasons to upgrade your existing window treatments.

1. Warped, Bent and Broken Slats

Broken Blinds

Faux wood blinds bend when exposed to high heat for long periods, while wooden blinds warp when exposed to moisture. Aluminum blinds also dent when you apply heavy pressure. The damage creates an unpleasant appearance, slats that don’t close completely, and difficulty during operation. If you notice that your blinds are damaged, it's an excellent time to shop for new blinds.

If you live in hot areas with a desert-like climate, it might be time to ditch the faux wood blinds and purchase some solar shades instead. Solar/roller shades are great for sunny windows that get a lot of heat. Choose from a range of opacities to filter light, heat, and harmful UV rays. 

Another reason to replace your window coverings is if you have aluminum blinds that are bent or dented. While a good choice in offices or commercial settings, it's best to avoid aluminum blinds because they dent easily, especially if you have kids or pets. They often also have cords, especially if you have had them for years, which create a choking hazard.

Honeycomb or cellular cordless shades or roller shades are an excellent upgrade because they're child-friendly, available in light-filtering to room darkening, and are flexible, very durable, and easy to clean.

2. The Window Treatments Are Difficult to Open

Do you struggle to open your blinds and shades or draw your curtains? If so, it means that your opening mechanisms are damaged or are simply worn out and need to be replaced. For corded blinds, the damage may also be tangling or broken cords.

Frayed cords that have outlived their years are also difficult to operate. A new set of blinds helps you eliminate operation issues and the frustration of not being able to raise or lower your blinds. You may also experience problems with old, motorized blinds, or shades. Automation has improved greatly, with new motorization options from rechargeable to smart home apps. It's best to replace outdated technology to enjoy opening and closing your window treatments remotely with the push of a button on your smartphone.

3. Difficulty Drawing Curtains and Drapes


For non-motorized curtains and drapes, opening and closing may be restricted due to jammed curtain tracks. The carriers in the track could be off or the cord control is simply worn out and frayed, making the curtains even harder to operate. Replace outdated, non-functioning rods with updated hardware, or for the ultimate convenience and child safety invest in motorized drapery hardware.

Fresh curtains and drapes in on-trend fabrics and styles such as grommet, wave, back tab, and Euro-pleat are an excellent way to breathe life into your windows. Add new metal hardware in mixed finishes from brushed nickel to matte gold. Finish off the look with updated finials from modern to transitional that fit your style.

4. Discolored Slats and Fabrics

Over years of use and exposure to weather elements, the slats on your blinds and wood shutters lose their color and begin to yellow. UV rays from the sun discolor the material, making your blinds and shutters appear faded and outdated.

New window treatments are pleasing to the eye, especially if you're looking to upgrade your home for sale. Homebuyers are more willing to give your house a chance if the window treatments are as new as the freshly painted walls in the rest of the house.

5. Frayed Fabric Edges

Drapes, shades, and curtains may not break but are susceptible to fraying over time. The fraying may be caused by harsh sunlight, constant use, or pet scratches. Whatever the reason, it is time to replace frayed fabrics with a new fresh pair of drapes.

Also, as fabric Roman shades grow old and fray, they may lose their shape due to a loose ring or broken cord in the back and become ill-fitting on the window. With new customized window treatments, you can ensure that your shades, drapes, or curtains fit your windows perfectly and restore beauty in your home.

6. Slats Closing Loosely

Good blinds tilt to adjust the light and glare and close as required for privacy. However, if you notice wider than normal light gaps from your windows, even after shutting your blinds completely, it's time to purchase new blinds.

The slats may not close completely because the tilt mechanism is worn out or the slats are damaged. Instead of seeking replacements for the slats which may be impossible to match, replace the entire unit.

7. Out of Style

Do you think that your horizontal blinds are out of style? Perhaps the floral patterns on your curtains are outdated? Upgrading your house to a contemporary more modern on-trend style is a perfect reason to upgrade all your window treatments.

Fortunately, you can still find blinds, shutters, shades, and drapes that match your updated style while allowing natural light control, privacy, and beauty in your home. It's wise to invest in custom window treatments that fit each window perfectly. They're pleasant not only to the eye but fit neatly in the window and are easy to operate.

Swap your outdated Venetian blinds for motorized shades or acquire new drapes to bring class into your living room and bedroom. Also, after ten years of using the same style, changing your window treatments is rejuvenating for you and your home.

8. New Windows

Large Windows

The best time to replace window treatments is when replacing your windows. There are several reasons to change your windows, including damage, style, functionality, and solar needs. As you change the windows, acquire new window treatments that fit the windows correctly, match your window styles and contribute to the room's functional needs for energy efficiency, privacy, and light control.

9. Functionality

Various window treatments are suitable for different rooms in your home. For instance, wooden blinds warp when exposed to moisture and are, therefore, unsuitable for bathrooms and kitchens. In this case, you may choose to swap your wooden blinds with easy to clean and moisture-resistant faux wood blinds.

In the bedroom, you may realize that your blinds don't offer the desired privacy. Custom lined drapes may be a better alternative. However, if you have young children, you may skip the drapes and go for shades in the kid’s bedrooms. Available in cordless options for safety and a range of fun patterns and solid colors, the easy-to-use and easy-to-clean roller shade is the perfect choice for active toddlers or teenagers.

If you're looking to cut energy costs, shades and blinds are great choices because there are varieties with solar insulation properties. The best part is that you can choose different window treatments for every room to serve the space's needs.

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