Installing Faux Wood Blinds for Veterans

Today’s technology and media saturation bring 24/7 news and events into our lives. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to be aware of everything that’s going on in the world, maybe even feeling helpless when a special need pulls at your heartstrings.

Budget Blinds has long been committed to helping veterans, and by partnering with Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) last year as their exclusive window coverings corporate sponsor, we are privileged to help make a difference in the lives of severely injured veterans. Together with our manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions®, over the next three years, we’ve committed to donating and installing faux wood blinds in every specially adapted home that HFOT builds, mortgage-free, for qualified veterans. Watch this short video to see how this partnership works, benefiting veterans and their families.

Homes for Our Troops: “Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives”

Since 2004, HFOT has completed 187 specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans nationwide. These are veterans from Iran and Afghanistan, post 9/11, who suffered such injuries as multiple amputations, partial or full paralysis, and/or severe traumatic brain injury.

The core belief behind this amazing organization is that safe and secure homes are central to helping severely injured veterans rebuild their lives by giving back their freedom and independence. To provide the veteran full access to all living spaces, these homes have over 40 major adaptations that are ADA compliant (Americans With Disabilities Act) including such features as wider halls and doorways, automatic door openers, roll-under sinks, stove tops and counters, pull-down shelving and roll-in shower with digital temperature control.

If there’s any doubt about how impactful this is, Army Specialist Fidel Bobadilla, Jr., shares his feelings of receiving his home: “This house will change my life…it’s a new beginning for me and my family. [Homes for Our Troops] changes soldiers’ live every day.” (Read his full story below.)

Maximum versatility, functionality and beauty

Faux wood blinds from the Budget Blinds’ Signature Series® collection were chosen for the homes due to their versatility, durability and classic beauty.

  • 2” faux wood blinds in Milk White are compatible with any home décor
  • They provide complete light and privacy control
  • Moisture-resistant qualities make them adaptable for any climate across the county
  • Blinds are easy to operate and provide worry-free functionality, and the pull cords are left at full length to be as long as possible for veterans who are in wheelchairs
  • Energy-efficient blinds help reduce utility costs all year long

These blinds are a small way to say a huge THANK YOU to military men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect the freedoms we all hold dear. Generous Budget Blinds franchise owners donate their time to provide expert measuring and professional installation services for the homes, and they often participate in Volunteer Days (laying in the landscaping) and Key Ceremonies when the homes are presented. Tony Richerson, franchise owner of Budget Blinds serving Temecula, CA, was approached about doing a second HOFT home and his immediate response was, “Of course I’m in!

Todd Jackson, co-founder of Budget blinds and COO of parent company Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), shares: “The Budget Blinds organization is extremely honored and inspired by the Homes for Our Troops mission to help make a difference in the lives of Veterans. We hope [they and their families] will enjoy the beauty, convenience and energy efficiency of these new window coverings for many years to come.”

Meet Army Specialist Fidel Bobadilla, Jr.

SPC Bobadilla was two months into his first deployment in Afghanistan in 2011. Returning to base after assisting with the drop off of an Army Special Forces squad, the Stryker (armored vehicle) he was riding in was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED) and he was thrown into the air, coming down on top of the vehicle he has been in. He says, “I remember looking down at my gun from the air when I got thrown from the Stryker.” SPC Bobadilla lost both of his legs above the knee as well as sustaining other injuries. He says his first conscious thought upon awakening in the hospital was, “Where’s my family?”


Moving from a small apartment into the HFOT home with his wife and two children will allow him to “live independently as the dad and husband he was meant to be.” He’s looking forward to the new kitchen; he loves to cook and says it will be a “life-changer.” In his spare time he enjoys attending church, playing wheelchair basketball and working out at the gym. Future plans include college to become a social worker or counselor. SPC Bobadilla shares: “Life isn’t easy for wounded soldiers. I’m thankful for what this organization does.”

You can hear him tell his story by clicking here.

Ray and Deanna Deatherage, franchise owners of Budget Blinds serving Clovis, CA, were honored to make a 100-mile round trip outside their territory to measure and install SPC Bobadilla’s blinds.

Meet Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer

In 2011, GySgt Brian Meyer was on his third deployment to Afghanistan as an Explosive Ordinance Technician, working on disabling improvised explosive devices (IEDs) when one exploded in his hands. He lost his right leg above the knee, his right arm below the elbow, and the thumb and two fingers from his left hand. He says he immediately “knew what had happened; we’d heard it so many times before.”  His long journey to recovery brought him to Balboa Naval Medical Center where he continues to receive outpatient treatments and therapy.

GySgt Meyer enjoys organic gardening and landscaping design, as well as working on modifying and adapting his motorcycle so he will again be able to ride. He is pursuing a certification in Real Estate Appraisal and Inspection, but still finds the time to mentor injured veterans and help them find ways to get back to what brought them joy before their injury.

The new home will be all-access, not like the two-story he’s been living in. “Everything will be wide open…no tripping on something. Handrails in the shower help; [they] allow a better sense of security.” He goes on to say, “HFOT does a great job and I think you’d be hard pressed to go into any community and do a project like HFOT is doing and not see the support there. Receiving that kind of attention and generosity is very humbling.”

Tony Richerson (quoted above), handled measuring and installation for GySgt Meyer’s home. “With a few of my family members still deployed, I understand the sacrifices these men and women make to protect our freedom. Any opportunity to show support and gratitude to them is an honor.”

Listen to GySgt Brian Meyer share his story by clicking here.

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