How to Properly Layer Window Coverings

Window coverings form an important part of your home’s aesthetic. For that reason, ensuring that these coverings are properly layered is an essential part of creating the look you want while also giving you shade, privacy, and other benefits.

For a perfect outcome, you should consult a professional to see what kind of layering would work best in your home. There’s a wide array of different window treatments you can choose from to decorate your home, including shades, shutters, blinds, and drapery.

How to achieve a beautifully layered appearance

When layering blinds and curtains together, it’s important to ensure that your color selection does not clash. Always choose colors that match either your furnishings or walls, as this makes your home’s aesthetic more cohesive.

For that perfect outcome, you can combine window treatments such as wood blinds,  or composite blinds with your curtains. This combination serves to filter light while also letting you enjoy your privacy.

Shades can make an excellent choice for blending your curtains with the interior, and they also give you the freedom to mix and match with your preferred choice of curtains. With shades, you can select a color that matches your curtains, and give your room a layered appearance that speaks volumes.

Shades also give you the option of matching the color of your interior décor with your roller shades or even Roman shades, for that perfectly layered appearance.

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Can you have blinds and curtains on the same window?

It’s absolutely possible to combine blinds and curtains on the same window. This combination works best with carefully selected colors that match your interiors.

Blinds can be used with any curtain type, and still give you the elegance and look you desire. However, you have to ensure that your color selection doesn't clash with your curtains’ fabric texture and color.

Whether you want to combine blinds and curtains on the same window to enhance your privacy or even make your room more appealing, there are various ways you can achieve this excellent match of blinds and curtains together.

For your floor-to-ceiling curtains, you could add blinds of a different color. For your living room, you may want to consider combining your floor-to-ceiling curtains with sheer blinds of a lighter color.

This allows light to pass through, making your living room more inviting. This can be an amazing combination that will offer you a great level of privacy during the daytime while also filtering excess light, making it a perfect choice for your master bedroom or even your child's bedroom.

Can you mix and match blinds and curtains in the same room?

You shouldn’t feel afraid of trying out new ideas to improve the ambiance in your house. If you want to try out different combinations of blinds and curtains in the same room, the idea may come out more creative than you imagined.

When you mix and match blinds and curtains in the same room, you can achieve a more unique appearance. For instance, you may want to use blinds on one window, while other windows are layered with a combination of blinds and curtains. This makes your room brighter, while also making the room appear more open.

What types of curtains can you layer?

Depending on the size of your windows, you can layer almost any type of curtain. Here are some common combinations.

Curtains and wood blinds

You may want to layer your curtains with wood blinds to give your room a neutral appearance that can easily blend with your room’s aesthetic and your furnishings as well.

Wooden blinds and valances

Layering blinds and valances can also be a great option for any room. The size of the valance allows you to lighten up your room and can also be used alongside a floor-to-ceiling curtain if you want to regulate the amount of light in the room.

Roller shades and curtains

Alternatively, you can try out a combination of roller shades and curtains to optimize your privacy. You may also want to include a dark solar shade to filter excess light passing through your windows.

Curtains and drapes

You may want to layer sheers with lined drapes. This is a common combination in many homes and offers a perfect combination that adds beauty and elegance to your room while also filtering excess light.

What are the benefits of different window treatment options?

When you begin to consider how you want to layer your window treatments, you should know the desired effect of your window treatments. Is the layered window treatment meant to just enhance the room's appearance in a more stylish way or, will having blinds and curtains together serve other functions such as filtering excess light that passes through your windows?

Better still, are the layered window treatments supposed to blend with the rest of your interior decor throughout your house? Getting the assistance of a local Budget Blinds design consultant can help identify the best options for layering to create a cohesive design style throughout your home.

You may also want to introduce motorized window treatment options, to enhance your safety and for added convenience. These treatment options can be a perfect choice for your bedroom windows and home theater windows, since these rooms require proper light filtering treatment, to give you peace of mind as you sleep, or even achieve a movie theater effect when watching a movie in the comfort of your home.

In addition, motorized window treatments can be a great choice, especially if you have young children in the house. While convenient, removing the danger of cords on the drapery hardware will also help keep your kids safe.

Budget Blinds is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of making your home as comfortable as possible. For all your queries on how to properly layer window coverings, you can schedule a free consultation with your local Budget Blinds design consultant. They will bring samples, expertise, and inspiring ideas to your home.

May need to clarify that sheers do not provide privacy except during the daytime

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